Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Owes Gretchen Carlson and Women Everywhere an Apology!

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” J. K. Rowling


Gretchen Carlson was the victim of sexual harassment at work. She was ultimately fired from her job at Fox television, and believes that it was because she refused to have sex with her boss and former friend, Fox News Executive Roger Ailes. As such, she filed a lawsuit to take a stand against the abuse.

Unfortunately, backlash against the victim is typical in sexual harassment/abuse matters, however, the suffering is usually exacerbated when the attackers are other women, particularly when one of those women claims to have spent her life fighting for justice for victims.

Incoming Jeanine Pirro:


Jeanine Pirro, a woman, and former District Attorney in Westchester, NY,  immediately began casting aspersions on Ms. Carlson because of Ms. Carlson’s claims of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes.

In defense of Roger Ailes, Ms. Pirro states that the sexual harassment of Gretchen Carslon could not possibly have happened, because he never harassed HER! It seems that the former District Attorney believes that if a man did not find HER weak or sexually appealing, he couldn’t possibly find anyone else weak or sexually appealing.

Ms. Pirro stated: “I know the man. I have been in a room with him. I’ve been alone with him. He has never said or done anything [inappropriate]. He is brilliant, witty, funny and a genius.”

So??? Who cares??? This is not about YOU!!!

The former top law enforcement professional (Ms. Pirro) went on further to say:

“When I read what was [sic] clearly absurdities, in this complaint, I said to myself, ‘How sad that you’ve got this woman who is making these complaints when there are real victims out there.

“This whole complaint and the allegations are absurd.”

Ms. Pirro stated that she “wanted to get involved” when she heard about the sexual harassment lawsuit because she “felt very strongly” that Roger Ailes isn’t capable of that.

Ms. Pirro says: “This is a man who knows how to manage his talent. He knows what he’s doing and this is so inconsistent with the man that I know.” 

Then to add insult to injury, and to further belittle Ms. Carlson, Ms. Pirro stated: “I don’t know that she [Gretchen Carlson], even has a friend in that building.”

SMH! :(

Fast forward:

Since the brave and heroic Gretchen Carlson filed her lawsuit, over two dozen women have come forward to tell their stories of the horrible atmosphere that Roger Ailes cultivated at the Fox network workplace.

Women have now reported that they were subject to constant harassment and crude remarks by the men at work, and that in order to advance at work, they were told they must perform sexual favors.

Others reported that managers tried to coerce young female employees into going on dates with men higher up in the company.

One woman reported that in 2009 she walked into the wrong office and found a male senior manager receiving oral sex from a young female staffer.

Another former Fox personality, Rudi Bakhtiar, is discarding her nondisclosure agreement from the harassment settlement that she previously received after being improperly fired by Roger Ailes. She is doing this in order to tell her own story, and states that she felt “emboldened” by Ms. Carlson’s lawsuit.

Ms. Carlson stated that she “filed the suit to “stand up for herself and for other women who may have experienced similar harassment.”

Ms. Carlson’s attorneys stated: “We thank all the brave women who spoke out about this issue.” 

Roger Ailes has now resigned as chairman and CEO of Fox News.

So What Does Jeanine Pirro Have To Say Now?

So you would think that with all of the victims who have now come forth, and all of the new information that has now emerged from the shadows, Ms. Jeanine Pirro (a former District Attorney and law enforcement professional) would apologize to Ms. Carlson and publicly denounce sexual harassment/abuse at the Fox network workplace.

Nope!!! In fact, she’s on a seeming rampage against more women!  This time it’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton!

A recent NY Post article noted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump having a two-point lead over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Ms. Pirro tweeted the article and stated: “Lets [sic] see if the Bill and Hillary love story lasts.” 


What the heck does Bill’s and Hillary’s “love story” have to do with the article about a two point lead? Where did that statement come from?  Is she saying that if Hillary loses the election her husband of 41 years won’t want her anymore?


SMH again! :(

As Ms. Pirro is a former District Attorney in Westchester, NY, these newly exposed anger issues and irrational views of the victimization and trivialization of women is very concerning, to say the least.

A Note To Jeanine Pirro

Ms. Jeanine Pirro, you should know, in my younger college years, I used to idolize you. You were such a beautiful and brilliant District Attorney, and I followed your work and modeled after your advocacy against victimization.

Your sudden, angry, hostile attitude towards women is disheartening.

Your vilification of Gretchen Carlson in the sexual harassment matter was disappointing, to say the least, and you owe Ms. Carlson, and women everywhere, an apology.




Understanding Sexual Harassment


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  • Timothy corder

    Jeanine Pirro is a strong advocate for women. Her countless accomplishments as a champion of women’s rights are not negated by her defense of her boss at Fox News. It’s fair for her to talk about Ailes not ever making advances toward her. After all, she was rated one of “People” magazines 50 most beautiful people. She’s been sexually harassed by hundreds of lewd, horny, oversexed beasts with 5 hands, so she knows what that is. She started the first DA’s office Domestic Violence Task Force in America. She risked her life and reputation trying to serve justice for the slain wife of Robert Durst. She is a role model for all women in America. The fact that you fault her for going after the abysmal human being, Hillary Clinton, is what really makes me question your credibility, as your criticism appears more political than altruistic. Lay off the Judge! She doesn’t owe anyone an apology. If anything, you owe her one!