1 year later, Mike still lying about Olympics

It’s really amazing. The Bloomberg administration is so used to telling lies about the Olympics; they can’t help themselves even if it serves no real purpose. On Friday, a small item in Metro New York concerned Mike being asked at the press conference announcing the new stadium for the Mets about whether there were any plans to have the stadium designed so that it could serve as an Olympics stadium if the City bid for one again.

Mike responded “You could not use this for an Olympic stadium. Olympic stadiums hold 150,000 for track and field.”

 Now I’ve watched Olympics since 1964 and that didn’t sound right. A 15 minute google search came up with the following info about Olympic stadiums – Barcelona (1992) had 56,000 seats, Atlanta (1996) had 85,000, Sydney (2000) has 107,000, Athens (2004) had 56,700 and the stadium in Beijing is supposed to have 80,000 seats. In fact the only stadium in the world with 150,000 seats is May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, which is, I’m sure, on the wish list for future Olympics.