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A Major Endorsement for the Upcoming Gubernatorial Democratic Primary Elections


I haven’t been writing much in recent months due to the many heavy challenges life has recently sent my way. Maybe one day I will explain further. Just be assured that I am not finished with political commentary as yet. Additionally, I have chosen to stay quiet lately, because I am totally disconcerted with the way ‘we the people’ (for the most part) have tacitly supported the non-representation that apologizes for representative government.

How Then Shall We Live Reprised


This week I am reposting the series “How Then Shall We Live” about personal economics in the wake of Generation Greed on “Saying the Unsaid in New York.” Since I wrote these posts in2012, at a time when Room Eight was down much of the time, those who have read my posts over the years may not have seen them. The first post in the series is here.

On Cuomo


I am sitting here trying to figure out why Andrew Cuomo deserves a liberal primary challenge.  Did he not legalize same sex marriage in New York changing the issue’s momentum nationwide?  Was he not one of the few elected officials to pass tough gun control lows in response to Sandy Hook?  Could it be because he has provided business incentives in the state?  Does his opponent Ms.