Say It Ain’t Say Kathleen


One general rule of thumb in politics is voters don’t really pay attention to a race until September and Labor Day.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, a Democratic candidate for attorney general, is probably hoping that’s the case after it has been revealed she did not cast her first ballot in an election until 2002, nearly two decades after she first registered to vote.

The Perfect 1-2 punch


If State Republicans were not already facing enough of an uphill battle, what in the world are they going to do to combat the Andrew Cuomo-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy ticket?

You have to tip your hat to Cuomo, this selection is good.

New York City voters may not initially be impressed, but upstate is. Upstate often feels neglected when it comes to downstate, and downstate dominated political tickets. But now, they not only have the popular Cuomo (based on polls) but one of their own.