Nick Perry Swears That He Is No Drop-Out

Last week, the publisher of "Footnotes" newspaper (Maurice Gumbs), had a lengthy conversation with Assemblymember Nick Perry. From this encounter Gumbs has stated emphatically that Nick is running for the 11th Congressional seat. This surprising news item comes amid speculation that Perry was a late scratch from the crowded field. It further bolsters a recent report in the Caribbean Life newspaper, wherein Perry was quoted as saying " reports of my political demise ( regarding this race)are grossly exaggerated".

Today there is even more speculation that the late scratch will be Yvette Clarke instead, since Ms. Clarke is widely seen as hitting the same voting base ( Caribbean-Americans) as Perry. There is also speculation that Ms.Clarke is having fundraising issues. My feeling is that Yvette is determined to contest this race no matter what.

Others expecting to make the race include Council-member David Yassky,  State Senator Carl Andrews and Chris Owens who is the son of  the current incumbent Major Owens. Four of  the 5 prospective candidates are black, with Yassky being the only  white entrant.  The district has roughly 75% non-white residents.