Andrew Cuomo – Serial Liar?

You all probably remember the controversy over Andrew Cuomo and the Vote for Cuomo not the Homo signs. To quickly sum up, at a meeting of the Stonewall Dem Club, Andrew was asked about his role in distributing such signs in the 1977 Ed Koch-Mario Cuomo race. Andrew used the phrase "urban legend" about the signs. Some folks took that to mean that Andrew was saying there never were such signs. He (Andrew) later said he meant the urban legend was that he or any officials in the Mario Cuomo campaign were responsible. Most in the media and Ed Koch accepted Andrew’s explanation. This despite the fact that Andrew in 2002 was quoted as saying there never were such signs.

This brings us to last week’s New York Magazine. In a profile of Andrew, Mark Green is quoted as telling him in 2002 that there will be anger at Andrew in the Black community over his running against Carl McCall because of the love Blacks have for the Kennedy family. At the time, Andrew was still married to a Kennedy. When asked by the writer (Jennifer Senior) of the profile about it, Andrew’s response was: “That is total . . . that just never happened. Never happened. They never heard that from me. No. They told you they heard that people heard it from me. This was one of the rumors at that time.”  Senior then spoke to Senator Marty Connor who confirmed Green’s story and then found a Daily News clip from 2001 that stated Andrew had told the same thing to a Democratic county chairman upstate. When Senior asked Andrew about this, his new response was “I don’t remember,”… “Anyway, it’s not logical that I’d be suggesting the Kennedy connection. So what? You’re an in-law.” … “I have a different recollection. That’s all I can say.”

Am I the only one who sees a pattern here?