Hey Gatemouth: Your “Buddy ” Chuck Barron Called This Morning.

 An excited Charles Barron called early this morning, to inform that he has raised more money in 2 months running for Congress, than he had raised in 2 years running for Mayor of  New York City. Barron said that when he files for his congressional committee next week, it will show a total of around seventy-five thousand dollars raised in the last 2 months ( Feb. and March/2006). In his excitement, he forgot to mention that he had personally loaned the campaign twenty thousand dollars to kick-jump its late start. He stated that  he finally made his mind up about entering the race on 1-22-2006, and has been fundraising mainly over the phone ever since. He still has no official fundraiser and is running a typical unorthodox "Barronesque" campaign, relying heavily on grassroot popular support and committed volunteers. 

Anyway he was correct, since he only raised about fifty thousand while running for mayor.  As I am sure most of you know by now, last January he withdrew from the mayoral race and threw his support to C.Virginia Fields who came in third. Room Eight readers will be pleased to know that I took the opportunity to read him Gatemouth’s post ( "Curse You Chuck Barron"/ Room8 ), which he found hilarious, and further stated that Gatemouth is a fine writer. When I pushed  again ( playing "devil’s advocate"), Barron said the article didn’t deserve a slap.