Michael Barone Fibbing?

The NY Sun has a column today by Michael Barone

In it, Barone says – 

"I remember a conversation I had with a broadcast news executive many years ago.

"Doesn’t the fact that 90 percent of your people are Democrats affect your work product?" I asked.

"Oh, no, no," he said. "Our people are professional. They have standards of objectivity and professionalism, so that their own views don’t affect the news."

"So what you’re saying," I said, "is that your work product would be identical if 90 percent of your people were Republicans."

He quickly replied, "No, then it would be biased."

Does anyone in the world actually believe that this conversation that so perfectly backs up Barone’s arguments about media bias really happened like this?  Or is Mr. Barone making up the last quote? I report, you decide!