Who votes – John Marchi’s District

In honor of retiring Senator John Marchi and because this might be the first time since 1978 there could be a serious contest here, the 2nd installment of who votes is about Marchi’s 24th Senate District.

These percentages are based on data in the Prime New York voter file and these reports come with the usual caveats – ethnic data is based on last names so are not 100% accurate, past voting behavior is not always predicative, etc.

Estimated Percentages

Democrats            40%

Republicans            36%

Others            24%   

Jewish   15%

Hispanics 8%

Italians            35%

Irish     8%

Seniors    18%

Women    53%

Councilman McMahon District            14%

 Councilman Oddo District            38%

Councilman Lanza District    48%

Assemblyman Mirones District    18% 

Assemblyman Lavelle District    12% 

Assemblyman Ignizio District    40% 

Assemblyman Cusick District    30%