Lloyd Grove’s Faulty Memory

Friday’s Daily News had this little gem in Lloyd Grove’s gossip column who was taking time out from making fun of his rival s at the Post –

Here’s another reason why I miss Teresa Heinz Kerry – she’s fabulous gossip fodder.

Who can forget, for instance, how the Mozambique-born billionaire would boast to black audiences on the 2004 presidential campaign trail: "I am African-American"?

Who can forget it?

Who can remember it?

The answer is nobody remembers it because it never happened.

I did a google search and all I could find was a bunch of right-wing web sites that repeated an anonymous story about Teresa telling friends in Pennsylvania, before she even married Kerry, that she was African-American. Not one sentence about Teresa publicly calling herself African-American in 2003 or 2004.

I did find stories from 2004 in which Teresa told her life story, which included the fact that, as Grove mentions, she was born in Mozambique. Which, by the way, technically speaking does make her an African-American? That was commented upon, usually in a jocular way, during the Presidential campaign but not by Teresa or John.  

Grove should stick to predicting celebrity weddings and pregnancies.