Kevin Powell To Withdraw From 10th Congressional Race

A development that is sure to raise more interest in the 10th Congressional race/ Brooklyn, is about to unfold. Kevin Powell, the young hip-hop guru, is about to withdraw from the race, leaving three candidates standing at this point. Those still entered are: Ed Towns (incumbent), Assemblyman Roger (The Dodger) Greene and Councilmember Charles Barron. Word on the street is that Roger’s candidacy is also shaky, because of his misdemeanor guilty plea and subsequent conviction.

Powell, whose entrance was met with controversy, hit the wall rather early, when his own writings were used to attack him. He is an admitted ex-woman-beater, and there were also stories of his wild party-hearty days of wine, women and song. Insiders are saying that this was no way to be introduced to the voters, and likened it to the introduction that Geoffrey Davis (the brother of deceased NYC Councilmember James Davis) received, when he was substituted as a candidate after his brother’s death. It can be recalled that Geoffrey’s baby-mamas dramas, problems with child-support payments, drug use, and prostitution solicitation, were all highlighted in the media right out of the box. He never recovered, and lost on the Democratic line to Tish James (WFP). It is the only time that the Working Families Party has won an election in New York City’s history.

Word on the street is (also) that Towns will cream Barron amongst white voters (so tell me something new). In a recent interview, Barron stated that he expects to pick up some serious endorsements soon. He is looking to win some CUNY organizations over to his side; remember he is the Chairman of the Higher Education Committee of the New York City Council, which oversees CUNY. Barron also picked up some heavy hip-hop endorsees lately, including the popular “Dead Prez”.

Powell’s withdrawal from the race is an opening for Barron to pick up some votes.