Six months on Room Eight

In a matter of days Room Eight will be six months old. All indications are that this was a very successful experiment. We all owe our thanks and praises to Ben Smith and Gur Tsabar, for their foresight and creativity. I appreciate their invitation to be a pioneer blogger here. To say the least, it has been quite interesting. I would like to take some credit for having “guru” Maurice Gumbs use here as a pit stop, on his way to his “Footnotes” wire/blog/periodical. He has sure taken a site that was already flying high to even greater heights. The resident writers here are quite learned and informative; and of course Gatemouth is unique (I will miss you “H”/lol). I have had lots of feedback from people, who sneak on here to browse, peek, spy or pry. I have also gotten feedback from those who aren’t real pleased at some of the things stated here.

My birthday also falls in September; and around this time (Virgo) I do my annual retrospective ritual. This is where Room Eight comes in. I will be leaving this site temporarily, since I have to finish many other projects and other stuff that I have been procrastinating with. As such I will write here up till September 17th, 2006, and then I will have to take an indefinite hiatus.

Let me say to all those who enjoyed my columns that your feedback was encouraging; and to all those who didn’t, well ……………let’s just leave it there.

Thank you. Take care.

Rock will temporarily leave the blog.