Fraud At The Polls

Followers of Lunchbox, EnWhySeaWonk, Left Behinds and the late lamented Gatemouth have been waiting for weeks to find out if Adam’s Green’s Comptroller campaign received any more votes than the five previously recorded in New York City and Westchester. Scandalously, the New York State Board of elections did not report Statewide totals until today.

So, how many votes did Green receive?

We still don’t know.

Instead of reporting a total for each write-in candidate, the State Board reports lump-one sum from all votes labeled “Blank, Void and Scattered”.

So, to add insult to injury, not only is there no total for Green, but his votes have been lumped together with every other write-in candidate, hanging chads and voters who’ve chosen not to cast a vote at all on that particular line.

So much for “Every Vote Counts”.

Those who’ve been critical of the New York City Board’s as the single most incompetent place in the world must now must now hang their heads. At least they managed to count each and every vote.