The City Mouthpiece and the Country Mouthpiece

The story is told of a Court Street personal injury lawyer, eating lunch at Mr. Souvlaki and running into a former law school classmate now practicing in Suffolk County who's trying a PI case in Brooklyn.

“I’m trying this case and I’m winning it”, said the Country Mouthpiece, “but I know I’ll be reversed by the Appellate Division because the record’s a mess; I think the judge has Alzheimer’s”.

“So”, said the City Mouthpiece, “you’re in front of Ruditzky.”

Political junkies will have field day with the details of Wayne Barrett’s expose of alleged judgeship buying in Brooklyn. Barrett's article has practically every salacious detail of the sale of a judgeship in 2001 to brain dead hack Howard Ruditzky. Every detail but one.

To Barrett’s credit he notes that Brooklyn Democratic Party Secretary Stevie Cohn, no Barrett favorite, spoke against Ruditzky’s elevation at a meeting of the Party’s District Leaders; however he forgets to mention the name of one other District Leader who courageously got up to speak against Ruditzky’s elevation in the face of County Leader Clarence Norman’s insistence that the deal be done.

That Leader was Vito Lopez.