2009 Council Candidates?

In 2009, unless something changes, term limits will kick in and 38 NY City Council members will not be eligible to see re-election.

Eight years ago when the situation was similar I had already heard enough gossip and rumors and read press reports that I had compiled a list of many potential candidates for the open Council seats.

That has not happened yet this time. Only 6 candidates have declare their interest in running for an open City Council seat on the NYC Campaign Finance Board website and while I’ve hear a few rumors and there has been some press reports about likely 2009 Council candidates (Assemblyman Denny Farrell, Lower Manhattan community activist Madelyn Wills & Julie Menin), I have not heard nearly as many names as 1999.

I find this surprising because I would think that with the number of blogs concerning local politics, more information like this would be public.

So, I’m asking the readers of Room 8 to fill the gap. Respond to this post in the comments section and tell me what you’ve heard – who is definitely running and who is seriously thinking about it?