Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign meets Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhat

(This is part one of a two-part column; please note).
On the 20th March, 2003, the USA and 30 allied countries initiated the invasion of a sovereign nation (Iraq), with military action that is currently referred to as the “Iraqi War”. In terms of levity on the foreign-policy front, political writers have had little to laugh at ever since. This is -and continues to be- serious stuff. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost; hundreds of thousands of humans have been maimed and/or wounded; millions of people have been displaced; trillions of dollars have been wastefully spent internationally; and most objective people are still trying to figure out the real reason(s) for this multi-faceted carnage.

One of the few glimmers of levity throughout all this emerged in the form of an Iraqi male named Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhat. He was later nicknamed:”Baghdad Bob”. He became the infamous “Iraqi Information Minister”. He provided the only real humor in an otherwise morose situation. By his daily antics, he personified the stupidity of this unnecessary war. 

Two days after the military action was initiated, Baghdad Bob rose up from the ashes of some Iraqi crematorium, to give the world at large his daily press briefings. Sometimes he held more than a few in any one day; all in all it lasted for about three weeks. Journalists, reporters, camera-crew members, technical staffers for media operations, et al, surrounded the minister whenever he appeared in the sunspot. It was some show I must admit.

He spun his version of day to day military reality better than any top ever designed. One day he sounded like a broken record as he repeated over and over: “we are pounding them; pounding, pounding, pounding them”. Of course the ‘them’ in this absurd prognostication, referred to soldiers, tanks, airplanes, equipment and such, of the allied forces. It didn’t take long for critical thinkers to see through the incessant lies of “Baghdad Bob”. Once, while he tried to dispel the rumors that US soldiers were actually in Baghdad already, cameras were showing said soldiers setting up roadblocks of vehicles filled with Iraqis trying to flee the carnage of the city. Bob was saying:  “no body (soldiers) came here”. 

 One day, while he was being challenged over the fact that the allied soldiers had overrun Saddam Hussein’s forces (at the Baghdad airport), and were hastily heading deeper into the city itself, Bob continued to spew his usual pinocchion garbage. He said, “We have them on the run; they are completely surrounded; they are committing suicide rather than face our bullets”.  Maybe a day or so after spilling this crap, a bomb exploded in the very building within which he was holding his press briefing. Baghdad Bob started running faster than Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes, as he attempted to escape the onslaught. It was some sight I am told.  He was successful (that day).

Then Bob disappeared. Abounding rumors had him living in exile in varying Arab nations. Then he was supposedly captured by the allied forces. Then it was said that he had committed suicide.  Then it was rumored that he was as dead as Lazarus. And many unsympathetic souls said: “good riddance to bad rubbish”. Whether he was alive or not, many hoped that he would rest: but in no peace. His lies are said to have cost many lives.

Well, if Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhat (Baghdad Bob) was ever dead, he has surely been reincarnated in the form of Siamese triplets, who are spokesmen for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Their names are Lanny Davis, Howard Wolfson and Terry McAuliffe. They lie more than plastic surgery. I don’t know how they can fix their faces to lie like they do day after day after day.  But what can you expect from minions when their leaders (Bill and Hillary Clinton) are the masters of lies and deceit. The sad thing is that their blind followers totally refuse to face the truths of my statements here, despite overwhelming evidence: after over twenty- odd years of Clinton fatigue.

Last Tuesday Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia primary by a wide margin. She garnered 67% of the vote; Barack Obama got 26% and John Edwards got the remaining seven per cent. Davis, Wolfson and McAuliffe immediately went to work, spinning this victory like it was of apocalyptic proportions for Obama. That’s when I realized that Billary’s campaign had met Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhat (Baghdad Bob). This trio of Pinocchios traversed the talk shows on all networks, and yukked up a storm. Meanwhile the only other state where Hillary Clinton  garnered over 60% of the vote in winning, was in Arkansas (70%); a state where she was first lady for 12 years -while her husband Bill was governor.  

If you look at all the results so far from this presidential race, you will find that 18 of these nominating contests were won by someone polling more than 60% of the vote: Barack Obama won sixteen and Hillary Clinton won two.  Obama won the Virgin Islands (89%), Idaho (79%), Hawaii (76%), Alaska (75%),Washington D.C. (75%), Kansas (74%), Washington State (68%), Nebraska (68%), Minnesota (67%), Georgia (67%), Illinois (65%), Virginia (64%), Maryland (62%), North Dakota (61%), Wyoming (61%) and Mississippi (61%). Never in the history of presidential primaries and caucuses has this ever happened before. Barack Obama has won more votes than any other democrat ever. He has also raised more money than any democrat ever. He has won more primary contests than anyone in history, and also more caucuses than anyone in history. And yet to hear Davis, McAuliffe and Wolfson say it: all these objective truths don’t matter. To them Hillary Clinton deserves the nomination.

To the Baghdad Bob trio, only the states where Clinton won the popular vote matter in this contest. Forget the pledged delegates, won by rules Mr. Davis and Mr. McAuliffe themselves helped create and enact; forget the expressed will of the people as shown by the vote totals and counts; forget the punishments for party violations that were set up by legally and formally adopted rules (the same rules that Mr. Davis and Mr. McAuliffe themselves agreed too, as prominent members of the party); forget traditional roles of primary elections and caucuses in defining and determining the nominee; forget candidate dignity and decorum for competing contestants; heck: forget everything, just make sure Hillary Clinton is the nominee after we leave the convention.

Next Tuesday there are two primaries taking place. In Kentucky, Hillary Clinton will win big; and in Oregon, Barack Obama will win comfortably. After that we are left with only three remaining contests, in Montana, Puerto Rico and South Dakota. I won’t even put an upset P.R. victory beyond Obama’s reach. From next Tuesday and onwards, Hillary will not be able to sweep Obama in trying to close out this contest. It’s over: the fat lady started singing since way back in February, as I told all of you here -and in other places. Way back then, I predicted that Barack Obama will win more votes, win more pledged delegates, eventually get more super delegates, win more primaries, win more caucuses and raise more money than Hillary Rodham Clinton. All of this guaranteed him the nomination, once he wasn’t assassinated (see my column on Obama from July of 2007), or dropped dead, or was rendered incapacitated -from sickness, injury, crime, or the like. It would have taken something of cataclysmical proportions to stop the Obama train: not a 41point defeat in an untimely West Virginia primary.

And yet the Baghdad Bob trio (Davis, McAuliffe and Wolfson) continues to talk away, as thought the rest of us out here in media land are absolute idiots; and that our listening, reading or viewing publics, are nothing but morons. Their collective behavior has been so embarrassing that it isn’t funny anymore. Their collective credibility is totally shot. They should all be held accountable; including Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. They too deserve serious scrutiny because their behaviors left a lot to be desired.  

All the moronic statements emanating from the Baghdad Bob trio disgraces MSM, since it keeps giving them a public forum -despite their lies, invectives, innuendo and outright smears. Relative to this trio, the patience being exhibited by many MSM personalities suggest that they are absolute cowards -afraid to intellectually engage these liars. The public should not be subjected to all this; worse yet since MSM has perpetuated this charade: that this has been a horse race after February marched.  It has taken many months, but it seems that finally Tim Russert, Keith Olberman, Jack Cafferty, and Chris Matthews, have been awoken by the stink smelling coffee of Clintonian lies. I am confident that the whole country will: eventually.

What the Baghdad Bob trio needs to recall is an event I alluded to earlier. Remember that press conference when Bob denied that American soldiers were already in Baghdad; well he further went on to say something that all Clintonistas should find awfully prophetic. It went like this: “those American losers, I think their repeated lies are bringing them down very rapidly”. 

Even now, the Bagdhad Bob trio still touts to the world, that Hillary Clinton won Texas. If you listen even closer you will hear them claim she won other states like New Mexico and Nevada. Of course they know that Barack Obama came out of these three states with more pledged delegates than HRC did, but they have lied so much over the course of this long campaign, that they apparently cannot tell the truth anymore. Wasn’t that exactly what happened with Bagdhad Bob? Stay tuned-in folks. If I don’t make it back from the Democrat’s Denver convention in August, then assume that I am dead/lol.