Heyer Lies and Videotape

Council Candidate John Heyer’s website (http://www.johnheyer.org/) contains endorsements extolling his commitment to public education from six present or former public school teachers:

Lana Hoerburger, NYC Public School Teacher Retired
Laura Scott, Principal, PS 10
Carolyn Zodda, NYC Public Teacher Retired
Janet Lattey, UFT Member & Park Slope Resident
Robert Scott, NYC Public School Teacher
Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman

It contains no mention of his stand in favor of tuition tax credits, or his belief we should be using public dollars to shrink the public school population.

All that can be found on this video, where he viciously attacks the UFT for be motivated solely by its desire for membership dues:

Meanwhile, on this video when referring to “Our System”, it is clear that he does not mean the public schools:

Do these people, all of whom sing hosannas about John Heyer’s commitment to public education, realize that this is what John Heyer really believes?

Have they seen these videos?

Any public school parent who supports John Heyer is like a turkey voting for an early Thanksgiving.