Huge week for “Governor in waiting” is coming up.

In the suburban battleground area of nearby Westchester County- The race for governor is about to officially begin.

As State Democrats meet, they can forget Governor Paterson’s poll numbers, and start the coronation towards the future. It’s Andrew Cuomo moment in the sun.

It was be interesting to see how Cuomo is nominated and how he accepts his party’s backing?

What role does his father (Democratic icon and three term N.Y. Governor Mario Cuomo) play at the convention, if any?

New Yorkers can be known for our flare, our dramatic nature, and at this state convention expect some type of interesting narrative/storyline.

It seems like so many years ago, but just remember the role of New Yorkers in particular with the recent presidential election which pitted two historic candidacies. Today they are the “best of friends,“ the President and Secretary of State.

Sen. Barack Obama completing his improbable and historic journey, with Hillary Clinton wanting go down the same exact way in the history books.

After days of nervous speculation about how the long and often contentious competition would end, in that gesture of conciliation Sen. Hillary Clinton,in Denver, IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE NEW YORK DELEGATION, MOVED ON THE CONVENTION FLOOR to suspend the roll call of the states and formalize her former rival's nomination by acclamation….

"With the goal of unity," Clinton said,

"Let's declare together in one voice, right here, right now, that Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our president."

The hall erupted with those familiar chants of

"Yes, we can! Yes, we can.

Don’t expect that much dramatic action, but Cuomo and the state Democrats will do something to try to trigger the thunderous support and cheers from delegates the way the national party did for Obama. It’s all about sending a message to the electorate all around the state of feeling good about the governor in waiting. (Mr. Cuomo)

It also would not be surprising next week if the President himself or the White House did something publicly to compliment Cuomo. After all, Cuomo was the President’s guy in the race. You can bet on it, the President will campaign for Cuomo.

Keep in mind this particular convention where he is nominated for Governor has been a long time coming for Mr. Cuomo. Guaranteed his team will do something at the convention that is not traditional. For one, soon he will name his running mate, and knowing Cuomo, don’t expect for it to be a traditional pick. Remember part of his platform is to reform the corruption in Albany.

Cuomo comes in with his own political star power…. which also means the moment he accepts his party’s nomination—it will be a whole new ballgame for Mr. Cuomo. After next week, Cuomo is back on the national stage.

You have to tip your hat to Cuomo. The guy remade his career after that disastrous previous run for governor. His temper is not even part of the public discussion anymore.

It will also be interesting to see what happens in Rye Brook as it relates to the Attorney General race.

The Democratic State Convention will be held at the Hilton Rye Town Hotel in Rye Brook May 25-27.