The Gateway (Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back Into the Courts Edition)

Truth is better than fiction department: disgraced former Judge Michael Garson is running for delegate to the Brooklyn Democrats Judicial Nominating Convention. And it looks like he will be unopposed!


Kinsley offers crucial advice to political writers:

"…today’s sermon is about something much more important than the future of the world economy. It’s about what to do when you, as a writer, run into people who didn’t like what you wrote about them. The real risk in a situation like this is not of a nice Hawaiian punch. It’s much worse: excruciating embarrassment. This is on my mind because…Jim Fallows discusses it in a recent posting. And also because it happened to me last week…Fallows has a simple solution. He says that you shouldn’t write anything about anybody that you would be reluctant to say to their face. He says he was taught this by Ralph Nader. But it’s an impossibly high standard. It requires either too much tact or too much courage.

Social interaction depends crucially on people not saying what’s on their minds. (God, you’re ugly. Where did you get that hideous tie? I hate your last book/new husband/lasagna.) People who insist on telling the truth about these things are jerks and boors. People who routinely lie about them are slick and oily. The only sensible thing is to avoid the subject. But if you’ve written about it, your mere presence in the room brings the subject up. Yet not to write about these subjects is no solution. There are important things that need to be said but don’t need to be said in the presence of those who might not care for them.

Therefore, young writers, ignore Fallows's advice. Write about what you think is important. Write the truth. And if you see someone coming you’d just as soon not run into, feel free to run away instead.” Krugman Is Crude | The Atlantic Wire


Frum is rapidly becoming my favorite conservative:

"I agree with Lowry and Ponnuru – and Charles Murray too – that American freedom and individualism are important national values to be celebrated and defended. But let’s not flatter ourselves: Those values exact a social cost – and they would be easier to defend if the cost were less high. And the fact that this cost is not being paid by my children or (probably) yours does not make the cost less real to the one-third of America whose children do pay it." Losing the Fight Against Child Poverty | FrumForum


Quote: "Senator Espada’s Democratic affiliation is based solely on a desire for personal gain."


Query: On that basis, where is the complaint against Dov Hikind?State Dems set table for Espada ouster – Capitol Confidential


I love it when the MSM says what I've been saying all along: Liberals should stop complaining about Obama


The Black Cloud: Republicans could take this seat.

The Silver Lining: Stack's primary opponent, Tim Kennedy, may actually be a stronger general election candidate than Stack.

The Fine Print: Though he favors legalizing same sex marriage, Tim Kennedy is an Amigo. Stachowski’s ‘party’ problem – Capitol Confidential