The Gateway (Reshma to Judgement Edition)

Congressional hopeful Reshma Saujani complains of "an all too familiar media distortion that favors process over policy, this piece is emblematic of a political culture that is failing to inform voters about the issues, " but the most damning things in the WAPO article she complains about were verbatim quotes of what she said; -so much for distortion.

And as for complaints of elevating process over the issues, which candidate is complaining about the other's PAC contributions (while taking bundles of non-PAC contributions from the same interest groups) and financial holdings, as opposed to her votes? My Views on Wall Street and Our Broken Political Process


The one thing I was always willing to concede Reshma Saujani over Carolyn Maloney was a higher IQ; having watched her spar with Matthews, I think we have definitive proof that an Ivy League education is a commodity much overrated. This woman never met a buzz word she didn't like.

Maybe it's a trick–to act as lame as possible, in order to lure Maloney into a debate Chris Matthews Presses Saujani on Wall Street Ties | The New York Observer


In a true sign of the idiocy of our times, voting to prevent the re-enactment of the Great Depression is seen as somehow pernicious. Bank Bailout Is Potent Issue for Fall Elections –


“Overshare” defined Statement From Assemblyman Nelson Castro-1


It isn’t merely that the lunatics are running the GOP asylum, but that the ones who are doing so have already been lobotomized. In Search Of The Craziest GOP Policy | The New Republic


I always thought that the Bosnia and Kosovo interventions were Bill Clinton's finest hours, but the problem with "Liberal Internationalism" is it needs to be tempered with a strong dose of reality. This article susses out the subtle distinctions and nuances.

Like many Liberal Internationalists, I sometimes think Obama errs too much on the side of realism, but lately, in Afghanistan, I wonder if he errs too little in that manner. Should We Intervene? | The New Republic


Hey, maybe they should run this guy against Jim DeMint. Lindsey Graham, This Year’s Maverick –