The Gateway (Holiday Crusade Edition)

Gatemouth's Holiday Appeal: Stop City cuts to Runaway and Homeless Youth.

Perhaps there are more worthy cuts to fight (though I'm hard pressed to think of any), but most of them (if they exist) have some potential powerful constituencies to fight for them.

It is wonderful that Lew Fidler has chosen, without any possible political benefit to be attained, to serve as the voice of the voiceless, but we need others to speak out as well. Councilman Fidler on City's FY11 Cut to Runaway and Homeless Youth



Kevin Powell should really write a book called "Lessons I’ve learned;" that way, at least some trees would be spared. Re-writing history! Kevin Powell — three-time loser — pens memoir



Whatever his personal and political failings (and there’s a legendary Albany story about him offering to share a piece of cake with an intern, and then assessing him for half its cost) Steve Solarz bestrode the world stage like a colossus, almost always to the good. Stephen Solarz (1940–2010) | The New Republic



Ugly national alliance of convenience: The GOP and the congressional Black Caucus; first reapportionment; now ethics. The Charlie Rangel Effect | Mother Jones



Does the fire put cold water on an attack on Iran? Does the Carmel Fire Mean Israel Can't Attack Iran? – Jeffrey Goldberg – International – The Atlanti



The best way to deal with a charge of bigotry is to change the definitions:

Asked by the Detroit Free Press how she would respond to those who say she's anti-Semitic, Thomas said:

"I'd say I'm a Semite, What are you talking about? Who are you?"

Notice she didn’t address whether she hates Jews.

Remembering where she was, Thomas followed up with an International Conspiracy Theory with a Michigan pedigree all its own (Henry Ford’s “The International Jew).

There may not be a Ford (or anything else) in Thomas’ future, but she clearly thinks Ford had a better idea. Defiant Helen Thomas defends remarks that led to exit | | Detroit Free Press



“'I think that it is an important first step for Illinois families,” said Camilla Taylor of Lambda Legal, whose track record includes leading the legal battle for same-sex marriage in Iowa.

In Illinois, the LGTB community hails the passage of a civil union bill as a great victory, but in NYS, we can not even get such a bill brought up for a vote, even though it would almost surely pass.

Who are the reactionaries blocking passage of same sex civil unions in NYS?

The same groups, which in Illinois, are hailing its passage.

Though I strongly favor same-sex marriage, I also think that providing real help for families headed by same sex couples is more important than what we call it. Since everyone in New York State politics knows same sex marriage is not passing in the foreseeable future, one would think people like Dan O'Donnell would agree, especially since until Congress repeals DOMA (an event as likely in the next Congress as Nancy Pelosi's re-election as Speaker), no state law can convey same sex couples the full spectrum of marital rights.

It is time to pass Civil Unions in NYS! In 32-24 vote, Illinois Senate passes civil unions bill for same-sex couples



Sully says that the Illinois Civil union bill is actually far more radical than same-sex marriage. And, at least theoretically, he's right on the money. Hetero Civil Unions? – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan



If this is what it would take to pass the Dream Act, I'd take this deal, but I suspect that, as usual, Frum is the only Republican who wants to compromise. I also suspect that, true to his remodeling, John McCain would lead the fight against it. Send DREAM Back to the Drawing Board | FrumForum



Why is the Daily News so shocked about McCain on Zadroga? Why should he treat it any different than he treats DADT (repeal of which he seems to be holding up almost single-handedly), immigration, torture or the Bush tax cuts? Ailing Ground Zero hero: Sen. John McCain said he 'can't help' on Zadroga bill before weaseling away



Message to Chamber of Commerce: be careful of what you wish for. President Obama Has The Chamber Of Commerce Right Where He Wants It | The New Republic



Nate Silver puts Scott Brown and the election day tsunami in perspective. Conclusion: for Dems things are not horrible, only miserable. Scott Brown Was an Outlier After All



Captain Renault is shocked to find there's gambling at Rick's Cafe. Anti-earmark Tea Party Caucus takes $1 billion in earmarks



On this issue, I’m with Dubya. Commentary » Blog Archive » A Response to John Derbyshire



The Netflix solution to filibuster reform: bring back Jimmy StewartThe Plum Line – One Senator's modest proposal: Force Senators to actually filibuster



Another reason NY is not part of America Where Are America's Corner Pubs? Ctd – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan