The Gateway (Laid Up With a Bad Back Edition)

Though written with the light hand and puckish sense of humor which is often the author's hallmark, this may be one of the most frightening articles I've ever read. Private Plane, Public Menace – Magazine – The Atlantic



Bernard-Henri Levy puts Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions in its place: the trashcan One doesn't boycott the only free society in the Mideast



I will still defend to my death the right of this jerk to build his Young Men's Islamic Association anywhere he wants, but I think Dudley Gaffen better rethink the idea of moving it to Greenwich Village. Mayor Declines to Criticize Park51 Imam’s Controversial Remarks About Homosexuality –



I've always called the Kurds the "the in-house Jews of the Islamic World." Apparently, they think so too. MOMENT MAGAZINE



Once you leave Room 8, no one does snarky sarcasm like Gail.Utah’s Gun Appreciation Day



Roscoe Conway: "Ken Adams! Well, that makes so much more sense than Eric Adams." Adams For ESDC Prez



Vito Lopez displays his best side; speaking truth and pulling no punches. As Tom Robbins says "a complicated man" Vito Lopez Surfaces at Stonewall, Preaches Pragmatism in Rent Regulation Fight | The New York Observ




We all knew Dan Halloran was a bigot, but a liar? Is Danny’s report of a deliberate slowdown during the season's first big snowfall something he conjured up by casting a spell?

I don't really want to bring the man's religion into this, but I suggest "Ordeal by Water" until we find out the truth. Evidence Is Elusive on Charge of a Blizzard Slowdown