Pro-choice ad using a hanger: “We won’t go back to the Back Alley”

Interesting pro-choice TV ad out from with"House" star Lisa Edelstein.
Edelstein says the ad is to counter what she sees as an all-out assault on women's health by the GOP.
The title is "We Won't Go Back to the Back Alley" and it shows Edelstein walking toward a closet door where inside the closet is a dangling wire hanger.
The ad comes at a time when many states are working to limit access to abortion, even in cases of rape.
Edelstein told Ms. Magazine that the present climate encouraged her to do the spot .

"This is an attack on women's rights that's taking place behind closed doors and fine print legislation," she said.  "They're not attacking Roe v. Wade directly, they want to make it impossible for women to choose abortion." You can see the ad on my website: