Respond to Rock’s Latest Whimpering Cry for Help Here

Is this thing a pathetic cry for help?

Or is it something far more disturbing like a note from the Unabomber?

You doubt me; let me quote the author:

“When this person feels that his G-D gives him the right to critique every single piece I put out on the blogs; and examine them for truth and facts; and search them for libelous or slanderous content and the like; and put them under microscopes of language rigidity; and under the cameras of language purity; and bi-sect them; and dissect them; and psycho-analyze them; and upon all this, still question their virginities; well then it’s time to seek a licensed firearm (or hide an unlicensed one). If I were a coward it would probably be scary. “

The author is highly offensive. He questions one blogger’s sanity, and another’s sexuality, and he does not afford them, or anyone else, an opportunity to respond.

This is beyond the bounds of human decency.

Ben Smith, what the fuck is wrong with you?

How can you permit this?

Further, the author is highly disingenuous.

To wit:

“My detractors accuse me of being libelous and slanderous; fine. And yet, after almost four hundred columns here, not once have the editors of Room 8, or the Daily Gotham, or any other newspaper, magazine, periodical or website -where my columns have been published- been threatened by anyone with legal action. Not once has anyone written a letter, or made a phone call, or sent an e-mail claiming to have been so harmed, or used a lawyer as an intermediary in coming at me. Not once has any public official sent a warning relative to my columns. Not once: almost six years later.”

The author knows better or should.

Mark Twain once said a lie can travel around the world before the truth can put its shoes on.

The plague of Google is that this stuff lingers for years later. Even a lawsuit can't correct it.

But even it could,. as Mr. Hackshaw should know, and probably does, unless he has his head buried up his ass (admittedly a lively possibility) it is nearly impossible for a public figure to win a libel case.

And some offensive statements, like Mr. Hackshaw’s anal excretions concerning why the Governor supported same sex marriage cannot even be actionable for libel in any event because they are matter of opinion, however deranged.

The only thing that can remedy such lies it is a comments section.

But Mr. Hackshaw is too good for that. Instead he suggests people who want to respond to his columns spend thousand of dollars on legal fees, and waste the taxpayer’s money and the time of the court system because he lacks the simple human decency of submitting himself to the simple accuracy test of a comments section.

So here one is.

And if having to endure legitimate criticism of your sometimes irrational raving is so unendurable for you, so be it.

Don’t let the doorknob hit your ass on the way out.