The Unfiltered Misogynistic Hate Speech of Rock Hackshaw, as Facilitated by Ben Smith

For your consideration, a small sample of the witty incisive commentary that that Ben Smith protects from being sullied by the frightening prospect of a comments section.

ROCK: My decision not to respond to comments made in the threads -maliciously placed- is now being taken a step further. I am not even going to read the comments far less respond. I also intend to stop reading anything Gatemouth or Mary Alice Miller post here. They can say anything they want about me: fine. I do have folks who report back with the morsels of crap or the drips of bile; but it is time for some significant action. I really don’t need this anymore. And since I have always promised to go out on my own terms: here I go, here I go, and here I go….

…do let Ms. Miller explain the meanings of said columns since she says that I am not in her league as a writer. Between both of them (G&M) my sad and sorry columns sure get a lot of attention don’t they? What a duo of crock-creators?…

Anyone can click on my photo and get into my archives, in order to ascertain the veracity of the numerous vicious statements made by these two terrorists (G&M)…. I don’t shy away from critique. I only do this when the attacks get ridiculous and personal as they eventually do.

The other person I have mentioned is a man-hating weirdo who is also a member of this writer’s colony. A person I lobbied to be part of the group; a person who now says that I am more dangerous (violent/fearful) than Senator Kevin Parker. Talk about a non-rocket-scientist.,,,

Gatemouth…and Mary Alice Miller are to me, the blog-versions of Dracula and his bride. He is a vicious, conniving, envious fool, who would carry a grudge forever. He is haughty, arrogant and conceited….The other obviously has had a history of horrible experiences with men (and possibly women too). I will say no more for now. Just know that I do my homework and I can research.

Ben, this is not commentary.

By your facilitation of this stuff, without even allowing the opportunity for response, you are allowing Room 8 to be turned into a hate cite for the spewing of misogyny and the delivery of blackmail threats.

And you will not even allow people to protect their good names.