The Gateway (Turner Diaries Edition–All 9th CD, All of the Time) [Bonus Item For yassky Haters Added at End]

Republican Congressional Candidate Bob Turner defends his support of Ryan(non)Care:

“Obama and the Democrats moved $500 million out of Medicare and into ObamaCare. And they have the nerve to complain about Medicare?!”

Translation: Saving the village would entail unfair sacrifice for its inhabitants, therefore, we must destroy it. GOP eyes on Weiner's seat



Turner says sex scandals are symptomatic of liberalism:

"Scandals, no matter their nature, are not the problem. They are a symptom, representing something more dangerous: liberalism. Many liberals in Congress feed off of power. They feel entitled to dictate society's rules, yet selectively exempt themselves from the enforcement. They live in a parallel universe where their own laws do not apply."

This man may need treatment more than Weiner does. Why I ran against Anthony Weiner for Congress – CBS News



Fuck Off You Stupid Asshole, Drop Dead Motherfucker Department:

Catholic Republican Attacks Orthodox Weprin as Bad Jew:

“I’ve gotten a number of e-mails from rabbis. They said Weprin legislates as a non-observant Jew and campaigns as a devout Jew,”

Is Psychotic Right Wing Rabbi Yehuda Levin consulting for Turner?

It sure sounds like it.

Turner needs to give Carl Paladino a call. The Brooklyn Politics Blog



This article, lamenting that a woman was not nominated for Weiner’s seat, has only three things wrong with it:

1) It ignores the particulars of the actual candidates (for one must nominate a person and not a gender). The two females prospects mentioned in the article were a personal inextricably associated with three convicted felons and counting and one whose views on a topic of major concern to a majority of the district’s voters would make her unelectable. 2) It ignores the particulars of the district.

3) it ignores the particulars of the process (a bad one, but not inherently gender biased; it did produce Hochul)

Otherwise, it's fine. With Anthony Weiner open seat, a missed opportunity for women – Guest Insights – The Washington Post



Trotskyite Chris Hoeppner throws his icepick into the ring.

Despite Hoeppner’s class warfare rhetoric, I think a guy with that name might cost the Republicans more Ridgewood Germans that it costs the Dems leftists.

The Trots would be better off running someone named Lev Bronstein.

Money Quote:

"Hoeppner said his supporters are helping to publicize and will participate in an annual July 26 celebration in New York to get out the truth about and defend the socialist revolution in Cuba. 'What workers and farmers in Cuba… did more than half a century ago in overturning capitalist rule and bringing to power a revolutionary government of working people…is an example supporters of the SWP campaign will point to time and again.'”

Wonder what Cuban-American David Weprin thinks about. The Militant – a socialist newspaper – July 11, 2011 — front page



Jimmy McMillan generously offers Weiner his non-existent ballot line.

Since McMillan just missed obtaining a ballot line, he'd have to get Weiner on the ballot by petitioning, which in McMillan's case involves submitting bundles of blank pages, wrapped in a couple pages of forged signatures, and hoping that no one cares enough to notice. As sometimes David Weprin associate Randy Credico has noted, paying McMillan for his ballot access services is usually not the most cost-effective way of spending one’s money, at least if any of your opponents actually care about whether you’re on the ballot.

Jimmy once told Lawrence O’Donnell that he collected every signature on his petitions (both of them) personally. And Lawrence had no clue whatsoever what that really meant.

What it means is that “The Price is too damn high and the signatures are too damn scarce.”

Jimmy Mac’s money quote: “[Weiner] needs to get back in this race, because the people of Queens who elected him into office need him to finish off the job he started.”

Just be sure to stand outside of firing range.
Too Damn Prophetic: Rent Candidate Says ‘I Told You So’



Shame on you award:

Something may or may not smell funny here, but the thing that stinks most is the timing of the Post's story (two days after their Crowley residency story, at the start of a competitive Congressional race), which was probably far more relevant back when the paper was aggressively using its news and editorial pages to try to save the chief alleged culprit here, Frank Padavan, from deservedly losing his State Senate seat.

Verdict: The Post has stopped even pretending to be anything but a subsidiary of the Republican Party. Players behind land grab



WTF Award:

Does anyone besides Adam Dickter believe that former Brooklyn Heights Councilman David Yassky was considered for the 9th District seat?

Because why? Because Weprin and Katz were both in the mix, and had both run for Comptroller; Liz Holtzman had been Comptroller. So, hell, why not Yassky? He ran for Comptroller too? Why not Bill Thomspson? Why not Alan Hevesi?

When Yassky moved a block away to run for a Congressional seat which included much of his Council District, Major Owens despicably race-baited him, calling him "a Colonizer."

It wasn't true then, but if Yassky had been chosen for the 9th, it would have been true here.

This story trumps even the "candidacies" of Eric Gioia and Cody McCone in the realm of self perceived entitlement and ego without impulse control  trumping common sense.  GOP's Bob Turner To Face Weprin In Race To Succeed Weiner | The Jewish Week