2011 Primary Contests

Thursday was the deadline for candidates to file designating petitions for the Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Working Families & Independence Parties.


This year, being a real “off-year” in New York City politics, there are very few potential Primary contests.


Here is the list of the possible races this September 13th. Remember that some of these contests will not occur because candidates either withdraw or are removed from the ballot.


As I regularly do, I will present some brief information about the candidates, if I know anything about them.






Civil Court


3rd District


Housing Court Judge Sabrina Kraus is opposed by Court Attorney Tony Cannataro, who has the bulk of the support from elected officials.


Full disclosure – I’m helping to run Judge Kraus’ campaign


District Leaders


64 AD, Part B


District Leader Alice Cancel is being challenged by former Leader Norma Ramirez.


64th AD, Part C


District Leader Paul Newell, from the Downtown Independent Democrats (DID) is opposed by Jeff Galloway, from the Lower Manhattan Democratic Club (LMDC), which District Leader Linda Belfer of LMDC is opposed by Jennifer Rajkumar of DID. This, along with a contest in 66 AD, Part B, is because of a split that occurred in DID in 2009.


64 AD, Part D


District Leaders Herbert Kee & Jenny Low are opposed by Paul Lee & Jin Mei Chen.


66th AD, Part B


District Leader David Reck (LMDC) is challenged by John Scott (DID).

68th AD, Part A


District Leader Diane Green is opposed by Theresa Richardson


68th AD, Part C


District Leader John Ruiz faces 2 challengers – John Estrella & Edward Gibbs, while Leader Marian Bell is opposed by Rose Jimenez (running with Estrella)


70 AD, Part D


District Leader April Tyler is opposed by Marisol Alcantara.


There is a 3 way Primary for Male District Leader, where the incumbent is not running. Michael Adams vs. Brian Benjamin (running with Tyler) vs. Jamaal Nelson (running with Alcantara).






Civil Court




Housing Court Judge Cheryl Gonzalez is opposed by former candidate Sharen Hudson, who has the support of County Leader Vito Lopez.




State Committee


44th AD


Marian Blume vs. Catherine Fox


45th AD


Former Assembly candidate Joseph Hayon vs. Boris Pincus and Joan Braunstein (running with Pincus) vs. Oril Tanner (running with Hayoun)


49th AD


Former Assembly candidate Peter Cipriano vs. Michael Bennetta vs. Marc D’Ottavio vs. Stephen Maresca and former Assembly candidate Lucretia Regina-Potter (running with

Bennetta) vs. Linda Viscnti (running with D’Ottavio).

55th AD


Diane Rudiano vs. Lisa Smith






District Attorney


DA Richard Brown is opposed by former Council & State Senate candidate Everly Brown (no relation).


City Council


28th CCD


Councilman Rubin Wills, elected last year in a Special Election has 6 opponents –

former Councilman Allen Jennings, Jr, former candidates Michael Duvalle & Stephen Jones, Clifton Diaz, David Kayoda & Rodney Reid.




There are a number of contests for State Committee because of the effort by former Councilman Tom Ognibene to replace County Leader Phil Ragusa.


25th AD


Councilman Dan Halloran vs. John Watch and Jean Leavey (running with Halloran) vs. Sheila Peralta (running with Watch)



28th AD


Patrick Gallagher vs. Bart Haggerry and Ellen Edgar (running with Gallager) vs. Margaret Ognibene (running with Haggerty)


30th AD


Former Assembly candidate Anthony Nunziato vs. Frank Massano and Joanne Mungo (running with Nunziato) vs. Rosemarie Iacovane (running with Massano).


35th AD


Kevin Li vs. Angel Munoz and Myrna Littlewort (running with Li) vs. Ruby Muhammed (running with Munoz).


Staten Island




State Committee


62nd AD


Former Congressional candidate Carmine Morano vs. Frank Aversa and Stephanie Morano (running with Carmine) vs. Mary Reilly (running with Aversa).


District Leader


Former Assembly candidate Todd Tabacco vs. John Antoniello

And Stephanie Morano (running with Tabacco) vs. Lisa Gray (running with Antoniello).