Believe It Or Not, Rock Asked Me To Put Up a Place Where You Can Post Comments About His New Piece

I myself will not be posting comments on this thread, but this is exactly the sort of piece which begs for a comments section.

And Rock agrees.

GATEMOUTH: Saw your new column on The Daily Gotham –I do not comment on pending cases, but it occurs to me that this is the one place I'd make an exception to your rule about comments–this is very hot stuff–people should be able to post comments, given the sort of things raised here…

…Must say, I had my quibbles about your technique–among other things, some of the stuff you speculated about, like election margins, is researchable, but a good read for sure

ROCK: You can open a comment section on this column. That's fine with me… I am not as meticulous as you are relative to researching my columns. Don't have the time nor zeal. If I was getting paid maybe then. …

When my column on the Evans/Barron race hits Room 8, do put up a comment section with a qualifier. You are correct on this column. I AM TIRED OF THE TROLLS THOUGH.