The Gateway (Pre-Election Finger Pointing Edition)


HESH RABKIN: Trump Robo-call– two theories why they did it – (1) Trump paid for it himself and gave some more money in return for them doing it, (2)- Like most modern campaigns, they actually think that getting a story on a blog read by p…political junkies moves votes, so they did it for that purpose. It's like the crazy guy in Alabama shooting guys who tear down signs or the Demon Sheep. BTW, Is anyone ever going to mention that Turner was picked the same way as Weprin? The law is the law and that the Leaders couldn't have ordered a Primary on their own if they wanted to.


COURT STREET: He's going down like a lesbian in love.

FAT MAN: Will he be munching his rug?

GATE: If the margin is a couple of points, one might blame Evan Stavisky; if the margin is much more than it stems from larger factors–meaning people should have listen to me earlier–I saw it coming even before Weiner resigned

RUDOLPH: He is a victim of political malpractice even if by some chance he wins. Weprin's Times endorsement TV spot says "Hey New York City" not Queens and Brooklyn (and does not have a Map where district is) and has scenes of Manhattan – not anything that looks like neighborhoods in district and is positive Weprin when the Times beat up on Turner. Bit late for positives when Turner is busy increasing Weprin's negatives. And I am not mentioned the pulled DCCC spot with the airplane buzzing Manhattan and the other very very soft spot with the 1776 character.  



Colin's reasons Turner is winning: 1) "This district was never as Democratic as people thought it was (citing Gate), 2) “The President ain’t popular in these parts” (largely a subset of #1); 3, 4 & 5) Things would not matter, if not for 1 &2. The Brooklyn Politics Blog  





Who exactly is supposed to be the target group for a  Liz Holtzman robo-call?



It seems obvious that the DCCC has no clue about who lives in this district in the year 2011. Holtzman Robos On DCCC’s Dime For ‘Good Friend’ Weprin  



Waking Up the And Smelling the Coffee Too Late To Matter (Should have listed to Gate) Watch:

Phil Anderson (8/24): The other day I told someone privately that I believed that Bob Turner, a man I pretty much despise despite my publicly stated lack of interest in this race, had about a 1 in 5 chance of pulling out a win in NY-9. I'd like to revise that. Let's make it 1 in 10.  

Phil Anderson (9/9/11) That's troubling. If a Dem running for the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner…is facing such a headwind, Dems in less friendly territory across the nation are in trouble. According to Siena, Obama's approval rating in the district is a mere 43%. In NYC. That's very, very bad. the albany project:: NY-9: Siena Poll Shows 6 Point Turner Lead  



Kos Diary on the 9th, complete with over 300 comments, almost every one of them clueless. Daily Kos: NY-09: Republican Turner up six in race to replace Weiner  



Turner "favors teaching intelligent design in the public schools, stating, 'The debate is important to define our underlying principles that come from our Creator and not from man.'” Editorial/Opinion | | Wave of Long Island  





Tilzer asks "How Long Will Congress Take to Act on the Urgent Needs of the Unemployed?” If his candidate wins in the 9th: Forever. True News: How Long Will Congress Take to Act on the Urgent Needs of the Unemployed?  



Obama: We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. But in the middle of a Civil War, he was also a leader who looked to the future—a Republican president who mobilized government to build the transcontinental railroad, launch the National Academy of Sciences, and set up the first land-grant colleges.

Hertzberg: All true. But it helped that, in the middle of the Civil War, there were no Senators or Congressmen from the part of the nation that, at the time, styled itself the Confederate States of America. In other words, Lincoln didn't have to deal with so many of the sort of people of the type we would today call “Republicans.”  
Hendrik Hertzberg: Give ’em Hell, Barry? 

Is Hertzberg stealing from me again?