The Gateway (Rumors of an Election Today Are Greatly Exaggerated Edition)

Another reason for a Millionaires’ Tax Department:

Cutbacks in Family Court hours results in a death.

The only thing surprising about this story is that it took this long. Fatal court ‘flub’  



Innovative program linking public libraries to public schools in order to make up for cuts in school libraries faces one great obstacle:

Finding some way to make up for the cuts in public libraries. Library Links to Schools  



At this point, the only way the State Senate Democrats take the Majority Leadership is to primary the IDC members (and then risk a loss to the GOP in the fall in at least two of those races, even if they manage to win those primaries) or replace John Sampson as their leader.

Sampson seems intent upon proving that he is more interested in ensuring he remains Leader of the State Senate Democrats than he is in ensuring that whoever is Leader of the State Senate Democrats leads a Majority.  



Good Government groups object to Kevin Parkers fundraising invite, which states: "I help you. You help me.”

The most objectionable thing here is the falsehood. I mean, really, has Kevin Parker ever actually helped anyone, ever?

Would not have it been better to say: "You help me. I don't beat you up.” ?

Parker asks Colin to give him a link.

I'll give Kevin a link:    



In endorsing Harry Wilson last year for Comptroller, I said:

"Unlike his party nationally, Wilson has shown an admirable ability to put aside ideology and embrace pragmatism; and to not worry who benefits politically. Nonetheless, I’d have trouble voting for someone of his mindset for State Assembly, let alone a higher office.

Except perhaps for the office he is running for."

Just wanna make clear that all of that still applies today. GOP gearing up vs. Gilly  



Schumer endorses Lautenberg's re-election.

Is this from "The Onion", or has Schumer been dropping acid?

In 2014, Lautenberg will be 90. And, should he even win, odds are that during at least the first part of this term, a Republican Governor would control filling the vacancy Schumer endorses Lautenberg 2014 re-election | Politicker NJ  



Not for nuthin, but I know NJ's AD 40, and attacking a Democrat there in this manner is a bit like using a tactical nuclear weapon to kill a mosquito. Election day approaches in New Jersey – Ben Smith  



Issa claims ACORN successor sent money ostensibly raised for other purposes to Occupy Wall Street. Not for nuthin, but I'd be more inclined to believe an accusation which ran the other way around. ACORN successor denies Occupy link – Ben Smith  



It's from the Post, so it may just be a distortion, but if Occupy Wall Street is really planning events thru 2025, then we can assume someone down there really does not anticipate anything resembling victory at any time in the near or even far-middle range, and that those planning such “events" don't object so much to Wall Street's activities as to its existence.

Or is there some rational explanation for this–please feel free to chime in. Occupy until ‘2025’!

Sam Hudis: This is a non-story. Whoever is in charge of their events was probably using google calendar and checked the option for the weekly schedule to repeat indefinitely.

GATE: Works for me.   



Two of the smartest men in America go at it.

Advantage: Silver Capitol Confidential » President Obama Takes On Nate Silver



Say what you want about Cain, at least he never exposed his penis on the internet (Oh Lord, please do not let me be proven wrong).



Almost forgot, but today's title notwithstanding, if you live on the Rock, vote for Mike Ryan for DA.