Does Guy Molinari Know That Christine Quinn Is Gay?


But Molinari lauded Democratic City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, whom he said, "did the right thing. She rose above politics and refused to endorse the Democrat. She won enormous respect from me and from our party." 

He said that could play in Ms. Quinn's favor here if she runs for mayor in 2013.


From the moment Karen S. Burstein won the Democratic primary for state attorney general, the Republican candidate, Dennis C. Vacco, has said publicly that her homosexuality should not be a campaign issue. But three of his most prominent supporters have been working in recent weeks to make it one.

The three have used various public settings to remind voters that Ms. Burstein is a lesbian, which they say puts her out of touch with the average voter. And today — after the comments of one of them, Guy V. Molinari, triggered a campaign contretemps — all three vowed to continue their efforts.

The Burstein campaign demanded today to know why Mr. Vacco does not stop them.

"What she is doing is very cleverly using this issue in gay and lesbian communities to her political benefit," said Mr. Molinari, the Borough President of Staten Island. Those comments, in an interview today, echoed remarks he made at a Columbus Day event on Monday, with Mr. Vacco at his side. At one point on Monday, Mr. Molinari said flatly that the next attorney general "should not be an admitted lesbian."

Saying that he thought Mr. Vacco was foolish not to make Ms. Burstein's lesbianism an issue, Mr. Molinari continued today: "This is not being divulged to people in the rest of the state, and if it were, it would cost her politically. I'm saying everyone should be aware of her sexual preference."