The Gateway (Oscar and Felix Go to St. George Edition)

Just as the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zucotti threatened to become a boring Quality of Life story nearly irrelevant to the movement it helped to spawn, the Mayor decides to prove Alinsky right:

"The real action is the enemy’s reaction.

The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.

"My only question is, wasn't the enemy supposed to be greed, rather than the NYPD?  
BREAKING: NYPD Begins Clearing Zucotti Park of Occupy Wall Street Encampment, Councilman Rodriguez A  



If it was my swearing-in party, I'd of been pissed too, but the ex-cop here appears to be nothing but a hypocritical GOP goon.

Perhaps the real author of " The Jig Is Up Atlas” has at last been unmasked. Bob Turner’s ‘Hero’ Ex-Cop Removes OWS Heckler; Heckled the Hell Out of Anthony Weiner (Video) | The  



This anti-Barron editorial goes a bridge too far.

By today's definition, Jefferson may very well have qualified as a “rapist pedophile” whose favorite tune was "Lay Down Sally."

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, so why not Barron?

Though Chuckles would probably love TJ's quote about the tree of liberty needing to be refreshed periodically with a little blood (even if he decided to attribute it to Ida Amin). Good old Charlie Barron  



Dirk McCall hoists Ruben Diaz by his own petard (perhaps not the best choice of words). Gay-pride parades in Bx. foe’s building  



Last week, in commenting upon an article in CHN, I complained:

"Why is the press so infatuated with the idea that "New Kings Democrats" is the Brooklyn Reform movement? To cite one contrary example, Vito got his ass kicked by Reformers far worse in the Brooklyn Heights based 52nd AD than in NKD's Williamsburg stronghold, where Regulars still hold the Female District Leadership. "

This week, CHN's sister publication states:  

"A potential rematch [between Rafael Espinal and Jesus Gonzalez] is not the only possible looming test of Lopez’s reasserted clout. In 2012 the New Kings Democrats plan to run some six candidates for district-leader posts. That will include the New Kings Democrats defending a seat held by Lopez nemesis Jo Anne Simon, who is running against Debra Scotto, daughter of the so-called ‘Mayor of Carroll Gardens,’ Buddy Scotto."

I know this may sound "hyper-technical", but is it really asking too much for reporters to be able to distinguish an informal county-wide coalition of insurgents made up of several organizations from around the County with one of its local components from one corner of that County?

Lincoln Restler's New Kings Democrats is a club from Williamsburg/Greenpoint. Jo Anne's Simons' Downtown-based Independent Neighborhood Democrats only pre-dates its existence by about four decades. The Return of Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez  



Michele Bachman makes Cain look like an old China hand, as she hails Maoists as the reincarnation of Adam Smith. Does Michele Bachmann want the U.S. to be more like China?

On the other hand: “Got All This Stuff Twirling Around In My Head"  



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