The Battle Of The Irrelevants

As some may recall, “Democratic” pollsters Doug Schoen & Pat Caddell, as part of the Murdoch subsidized anti-Obama campaign recently urged voters to write-in Hillary Clinton for President in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.


First, and most important, ordinary Democrats and independents in New Hampshire should mobilize behind a grass-roots effort to write in Clinton's name during the Jan. 10 Democratic primary.


As most probably don’t recall, the Iowa off-shoot of Occupy Wall Street called for “the 99%” to vote in the Iowa Democratic Caucus for Uncommitted:


The occupying will keep on, but the coming goal of the protesters is to influence — not disrupt! — the Iowa Caucuses. The mission: Infilitrate the Democratic or Republican caucuses, and make "uncommitted" win them. "If Obama lost the primary to uncommitted," said one of them, "it would be volcanic."


The actual results were not volcanic, as uncommitted lost to Obama 1094.86 to 17.15.


So here’s the challenge for Schoen & Caddell – can their ridiculous “campaign” against Obama from the right surpass the low threshold of defeat set by those campaigning against Obama from the left.


Will Doug & Pat get more than 2% of New Hampshire voters to write-in Hillary Clinton next week?