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Brooklyn Republicans this week tapped David Storobin to run in the special state Senate election to succeed Carl Kruger with—they claim—no knowledge that Storobin had founded and written for a website whose articles have been picked up by white-supremacist chat rooms.

 Storobin, a Brighton Beach attorney and vice chairman of the Brooklyn GOP, served as editor-in-chief of the site, Global Politician, and published scores of articles over several years, blogger Gatemouth recently revealed on the Room Eight politics site. Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton said that was news to him.

“I've never heard of Global Politician,” Eaton said.

Storobin's postings on the site recently vanished. Storobin said he has no idea who took down the postings or why, but he stood by his work. “My views have evolved over the years, but there's nothing I've been ashamed of,” he said. “I'm very proud of the stuff I've written.”

A May 2005 Storobin piece that resurfaced on another website is an interview he conducted with an official from Freedom Front, a white-separatist group in South Africa. The group supports a whites-only colony there called Orania and accuses the South African government of using affirmative action to keep whites out of the job market.

Brooklyn Councilman Lew Fidler, the Democrat expected to square off against Storobin in the March 20 election, said the public deserves to know what else Storobin has written. He questioned that the author doesn't know who removed his postings. “I'm not a great believer in coincidences,” he said, adding that the vanished posts smacked of “Weinergate.”

 “I have a record to run on that's not going to be expunged,” Fidler said. “I think it's relevant to ask David what he's ashamed of.” GOP claims ignorance of candidate's rants



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