The Gateway (Brooklyn GOP Meltdown Edition)

Verbatim contents of the Biography page of State Senate candidate David Storobin's website [with emphasis added], which he posted in apparently unfinished form, leaving in some editor's critical comments as part of the text:

" I came to the United States with my mother twenty years ago at the age of 12. In Russia, she was teaching in medical school. In the United States, for many years she became a person who cleans other people’s homes for a living, before finally landing a job as a social worker
(this sounds like the job fell into her lap, no social work education?). Her life and mine is the story of Jewish immigrants who came during the fall of the Soviet Union, but much more, it is a story of millions who came to the United States from all over the world over hundreds of years, leaving everything behind with nothing but a dream and the hope that their personal sacrifice will lead to a better life for their children.

Shortly after coming to America, I heard the joke that the words “doctor” and “engineer” translated from Russian to English mean “cleaning woman” and “cab driver.” I saw my uncle, a tough guy who used to manage a restaurant in Russia, break down and cry. But more importantly, I saw my mom and others press forward, never giving up and always teaching me and their children that success lies in hard work and education. While my mother’s current job as a social worker never achieved the prestige of her job in Russia, it is dignified and it taught me that success could be achieved. She fell in love with her new job because she could help people, and that planted a seed in me to succeed, as well as to help my community.

I graduated from law school with a hundred thousand dollars in loans. I started at the very bottom in a law firm, making coffee for senior partners in the morning and taking out the garbage at night – all that with a law degree! But at the age of 25 I started my own law firm. Since I had only meager savings at this young age, I had to max out my all of my credit cards, the only time in my life when I did not pay them off in full. I started by working out of my friend’s office, then got a virtual office, then a tiny one-room office. Today, I have two real offices with full-time associates and paralegals working for me.

I found the American Dream, but it was important for me to give to others who were the source of strength for me. At Rutgers University School of Law, despite being the youngest student in my class, I not only became the President of the Jewish Law Students Association, but it went from being inactive to the single most active organization on campus.

I am on the Board of Directors of the American Jewish Committee (New York Chapter) and on the Board of Governors of the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Celebration Commission. As part of the Wallenberg Commission, in honor of Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved 100,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust only to be arrested by the Soviet government, never to be heard from again. Did you plan to say something more here? You started the sentence with “As part of the Wallenberg Commission.”
As an active member of the American Jewish Committee, I recently spoke to an audience of 1,300 business and community leaders at the American Jewish Committee’s Global Forum. Only in America can a penniless immigrant grow up to stand on the same stage and speak immediately after the Foreign Minister of Germany and the President of Panama to an audience of some of the most successful people in the country! So I got up and spoke about everything the Jewish community and the United States has given me and millions of others, and how proud it makes me to be an American.

As a proud American patriot, I have also been active in politics ever since arriving in the United States. In 1993, I volunteered for Rudy Giuliani, the following year for George Pataki.

Over the years, I have been interviewed in many media outlets, from Bloomberg News to Fox News radio. The editorial board of the Investor’s Business Daily referred to me as a “global legal expert” and the Examiner called me a “well-recognized legal expert.” I was also profiled or discussed in the New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News, and a lot of other high profile publications.

I have appeared on Russian-American TV, radio and newspapers on a regular basis for several years, and now any time I am in the presence of older people who prefer Russian-language media, a significant number of them recognize who I am. After Bob Turner’s success in the Russian community during the September 2011 special elections, WNYC radio and Staten Island Advance reached out to me for an interview.

I have also been published in Jewish media. In January 2005, the Jewish Press ran my article on most of its front page and the whole back page. I was also interviewed on The Jewish Channel, on Zev Brenner’s show and in the Jewish Star, as well as in the Russian-language “Jewish World” newspaper.

For the last two and a half years, I have been a Vice-Chair of the Kings County Republican Party, enjoying a close personal relationship with Chairman Craig Eaton. I also assisted in the re-founding of the Brooklyn Young Republicans Club.

My interest in politics stems from my desire to “pay it forward.” So many people helped my mother and me when we arrived in the United States – people who did not know us, people who sacrificed their time and money knowing that I will never be able to pay them back. But what I can do is help those who need help now. Whether it’s teaching English as a Second Language to the elderly or mentoring students who want to become lawyers, I have always tried to be active in community affairs and I have always tried to give back. It’s the only way I can pay back those who once helped me." About David- David Storobin for State Senate



Loser: "David Storobin – Welcome to the big leagues, David! Days after announcing his candidacy for former Sen. Carl Kruger’s seat, the south Brooklyn Republican had his first scandal, in which he reportedly conducted interviews with white separatists from South Africa and had his articles picked up in white supremacist chat rooms. It’s unclear how that will play in Storobin’s district, but it certainly doesn’t look good to anyone else, making the kind of fodder that draws in opposition spending in what could otherwise be a quiet race."

Cast your vote today to make Storobin the official “Loser of the Week.”

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Cowardly Motherfuckers Department: Obviously struck dumb by Crain’s picking up one of my damning Storobin stories, "The Jig Is Up Atlas," the unofficial hate of State Senator Marty Golden’s handpicked sock-puppet of a Brooklyn GOP Leader, Craig Eaton, went haywire.

The Jig accused me of having a homosexual relationship with a member of a Councilman's staff and printed my home address so some delusional right wing psycho could decide my nine year old was Yitzhak Rabin.

When, in response, I wrote to the Brooklyn GOP Law Chair, suggesting that he tell his friends they should delete certain personal info from their posts, he denied knowing who wrote the blog, but a couple of hours later, "The Jig" was suddenly closed to everyone but invited readers.

I'm sure it was only just a coincidence. Blogger: Sign in




Bye bye Senator Suzi O.

Rumor is Kevin Parker been put in charge of the DSCC's candidate search and has chosen former White Plains Mayor Adam_Bradley. Hiram Monserrate is being brought into to manage the campaign.

Also in contention, District resident Pedro Espada, though he might run as a Republican. Suzi Oppenheimer Won’t Run for Reelection





Carlo Scissura is starting to grow on me. He recently offered me a $40,000 pay cut to come work for him after he wins (unlike the post about the likely prospects for the Oppenheimer seat, this one is really true). Carlo Scissura Posts $126,000 for Borough President Run




Gary Tilzer reports Diane Gordon may challenge Inez Barron.

No wonder life seems so hopeless in East New York.
True News: Bronx Borough President Diaz: Kingsbridge Armory Do-Over; Mayor Going After Bad Teachers





Kinsley obliterates Romney on health care. Romney Debates Romney About Health-Care Reform: Michael Kinsley




When this is how the right wing Jewish Press begins an anti-Obama editorial concerning Israel policy, it is time to admit one can disagree with the President without demonizing him:

"We do not mean to denigrate the impressive military support and cooperation the Obama administration has directed toward Israel. It is, as President Obama and others have rightly indicated, unprecedented. Indeed, the recent announcement of a huge joint military exercise between Israel and the U.S. is extraordinary. Nor do we minimize the regular declarations of unshakable support for Israel that have come from the president and others in his administration."
President Obama Makes His Move




North Korea is imprisoning those who failed to adequately mourn their late despot.

I adequately mourned–went to Flushing and had a 12 course banquet. N. Korea to send citizens who didn’t mourn Kim Jong Il to forced labor, S. Korean website says




Correction time

Entry #6: "…the states electoral college hasn't gone a to a Republcian since Calvin Coolidge's landslide of 1924."

Tell to to Herbert Hoover (1928), Tom Dewey (1948), Dwight Eisenhower (1952, 1956), Richard Nixon (1972) and Ronald Reagan (1984, 1988).

#59: Calling Anthony Weiner's former district "overwhelmingly Democratic."
By what performance based metric? 100 Most Powerless New Yorkers – Page 1 – News – New York – Village Voice