The Gateway (Ace Romneystein Edition)

Well, that explains it–the reason Eric Adams' house in Brooklyn was moved one block outside of his district and John Sampson's district in Brooklyn has an appendage which resembles Ed Koch's testicles, and minorities in Nassau and Suffolk are each cracked four different ways is because all this was necessary in order to create an Asian district in Queens. The Word Of The Day Is ‘Contorted’




A slideshow of perhaps the most outrageous gerrymander of all time.


The only thing to note in the map’s defense is that a few of these districts (like 22) are really little worse than their predecessors, while one (34), may actually be a bit of an improvement. The 20 Ugliest Gerrymandered Districts




This map shows, in red and blue, who gets screwed in the NYS Senate reapportionment, and by that I mean regions, not politicians. Proposed redistricting plan shortchanges New York City voters | The New York World




NYC screwed–by the numbers. More Data On How The Senate Lines Favor Upstate




Will the State Senate now go along with June primaries and save us all a ton of money? Judge Sharpe Orders Congressional Primaries Held in June




David Storobin is either a pathological liar or suffers from psychotic delusions

From Politicker:

"“While I was doing that my opponent was organizing rallies not for the Jewish community but for the gay community,” he said.


 He said that Mr. Fidler held rallies for gay groups that netted one $85 million in city funding, and another rally for a different group which netted them $3 million in funding per year.


 Asked in an interview what he was referring to, Mr. Storobin said that he gleaned the information from YouTube and suggested The Politicker search the website for Mr. Fidler’s name. The rallies he is referring to could not be located."


Discount for a moment the fact that Fidler's been a key player in running or assisting Jewish groups, including "Brooklyn College Hillel" and "The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council" since before Storobin was born, and ignore all the funding he's delivered to Jewish agencies for the sort of social services programs Storobin considers wasteful.


Now, focus instead on David Storobin citing to something on the web that doesn't exist.


Hey David, I know where those videos are; right next to all the hate articles you deleted from your websites, " Global Politician" and " International Analyst Network." David Storobin Says Lew Fidler Sides With Gay Community, Not Jewish Community




Lying sack of shit award: Russell Gallo For his defense of Storobin's missing articles:

" In furtherance of Fidler’s hate-mongering, Campbell “demands” to know why the article that prompted Fidler’s contemptible comments was removed by the source website – like Storobin or anyone else is supposed to know! The Storobin campaign does not run the website. The website has an editorial board and accepts online submissions. Clearly, there can be any number of reasons!"

Perhaps–if the two website that were scrubbed weren't both founded by Storobin! Brooklyn GOP Radio: Rise Above Lew Fidler's Hate




Facebook just suggested I friend David Storobin.




DeBlasio say Bloomberg has declared war on the UFT.

It should be clarified, however, that this is not necessarily the same as having declared war on teachers. Bill de Blasio: Bloomberg Has “Re-Declared War on the UFT”




Newt isn't satisfied with just world domination; he wants colonies everywhere. I think he's just doing this to bait the Kenyan anti-colonialist. Gingrich promises to build a US moon colony




Good assessment of Gingrich bête noire Saul Alinsky, in that it is similar to my own (and I'm a fan–used to have Saul’s “Rules of Ends and Means” posted on my office wall), but the killer is this tidbit:

Andrew Kaczynski dug up the above image:

In the wake of the devastating Detroit riots of the summer of 1967, Michigan Gov. George Romney — a liberal Republican — met the radical organizer Saul Alinsky to discuss the grievances of the urban black poor. … "I think you ought to listen to Alinsky," Romney told his white allies, according to T. George Harris's 1968 book, "Romney's Way." Newt's Boogeyman




Saul Alinsky did most of his best work subsidized by Newt's adopted church. Michael Kazin: Saul Alinsky Wasn’t Who Newt Gingrich Thinks He Was | The New Republic




The real reason Ron Paul does not release his tax returns: He doesn't want everyone to know how profitable it is to be a hate pamphleteer. Report: Paul approved racist portions of newsletters



Ta-Nehisi Coates takes on the "He's not a hater, he only did it for the money" defense of Ron Paul:


"All parties agree that Ron Paul is not, personally, racist and that he didn't write the passages. This is comforting. I am not an anti-Semite. But give me a check to tell Harlem the Jews invented AIDS, and I'll do it.


As I've said before, we all must make our calculus in supporting a candidate or even claiming he is "good" for the debate. But it must be an honest calculus.


If you believe that a character who would conspire to profit off of white supremacy, anti-gay bigotry, and anti-Semitism is the best vehicle for convincing the country to end the drug war, to end our romance with interventionism, to encourage serious scrutiny of state violence, at every level, then you should be honest enough to defend that proposition." No One Left To Lie To




Chait says the GOP race is "Casino," the GOP voters are Sharon Stone, Romney is DeNiro and Gingrich is James Wood.


What I wanna know is, who's Joe Pesci? Romney Presses GOP Into Loveless Marriage