Night Of The Iguana

COLIN CAMPBELL: I love you. You love me. We're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too.

ORTHODOX PUNDIT: So, will John Sampson's title be 'Mediocrity leader'?… Klein is now the minority leader, I assume

GATEMOUTH: No, the Minority Leader is elected by the second largest conference, which is still the Democrats–for now at least

OP: Ouch! Would have been a good title…

GATE: Klein is part of the Majority, so he can't also be part of the Minority–btw, my title will be "Night of the Iguana," after Klein's pet (I wonder if its name is Diane)

OP: Since we are becoming a parliament-like system (4 factions already, given Felder's own class), we shall start calling him Opposition leader

GATE: Leader of the “loyal opposition,” which would make him the only one in the senate worthy of the word "loyal"

Charlie Hall Can we do like Nebraska and have a unicameral legislature?

GATE: how bout a uni-camel legislature–everyone is either a hump or gets humped (except for those who are both, which I suppose is most of ‘em)

I’m not sure it’s really appropriate to express outrage over the perfidy of any particular faction or factions in the NYS Senate.

My current count is one faction of 30 Republicans, one faction of one de facto Republican, one faction of five “Independent Kleinocrats” (or do I mean “Kleptocrats”?) and 24 factions of one Democrat apiece, with two players to be named later.

You think I’m exaggerating? Ruben Diaz Sr. responded to this mess by issuing a warning about the dangers of dealing with blackmailers (presumably other than himself), and implied he might stick his pinga into “Pandora's box.” (Which would make him the second Bronx Senator to do so in this cycle).  

But, I’m not outraged.

I used up all my outrage in 2009, and what did it get me besides “Racetrack Empire”?

But I have to say, even “Nucky” Sampson looks good compared to Jeff “Gyp” Rossetti” Klein and Diane “Gillian Darmody” Savino.

Which is the best thing about Malcolm Smith joining the IDC.  Snow White and the Three Stooges (which would make Malcolm a latter day Shemp) can no longer use the excuse that this is all about disgust over John Sampson’s involvement in “Racetrack Empire” or weariness over working with mediocrities.

The worst thing is that I now have to stop calling the IDC "The Paleface Caucus."

Further, we can no longer call the GOP palefaces either. If they’ve agreed to support Malcolm Smith for Mayor, then their new color will be blush-red.

Perhaps Malcolm’s only been promised a Wilson-Pakula permission slip and the nomination of the Independence Party.

We do know that Malcolm got an award from the City branch of the IP for his work on post-Sandy relief. The last time Malcolm got involved with a post-hurricane relief effort, the money ended up disappearing, so I suppose it’s appropriate he got an award from a Party who managed to get paid for serving as a laundering operation for a non-existent ballot security effort whose proceeds ended up buying someone a house.

This might all be another reason for outrage, if the same awards ceremony didn’t feature scads of Mayoral candidates paying their respects to a bigoted cult of psychotic hucksters.  

And it may be sad to say, but the only people with a voice in the matter (his constituents) aren't only not displeased with Simcha Felder for siding with the GOP, they are positively elated.  

Of course, if you've been reading me, you knew this a long time ago. I’m so tired of saying it, I’m not even going to bother providing any links.

My biggest regret is that I thought of a joke about how this was the end of "Three Men In a Room" but by the time I posted, someone had beat me to it.