More Than You’ll Ever Want To Know About the Eleven Democratic Candidates For Mayor

Eleven people have filed Petitions seeking the Democratic nomination for Mayor.

Even for those of us who intently follow the obscure byways of NYC politics, that’s a few more than expected.

Still, there was a dog that didn’t bark.

From the start, I predicted that the “Mayoral campaign” of Ceceilia Berkowitz, a silly, Rubenesque, Jewish chick who apparently lives in Jersey and has an Algerian boyfriend who works in "sales at deli,” was “a practical joke,”  even though her presence at the time as the only Jew in the race led to an obsessive following for her among Orthodox Jewish bloggers nostalgic for  Mindy Meyer.  

Who could have predicted that an even bigger Jewish practical joke, with a far classier Islamic squeeze, would have taken the wind so thoroughly out of her sails?

As I could have (and did) tell you from the start, this girl was never going to file any petitions—and she didn’t.

But now that petitions are filed, one finds that neither Ceil nor Tony the Hot Dog is the craziest person to declare their candidacy.

Even more surprisingly, and against all odds, Sal Albanese is no longer the biggest joke in the race, or the candidate suffering from the greatest delusions.

It isn’t even close.

Let us review.

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