The Public Advocate Runoff by the Numbers: Boots on the Ground Kick Some Butt

COLIN CAMPBELL (October 1):  I'm not sure what, if anything, Squadron could have done differently to win this. Those Central Brooklyn returns are brutal, brutal. 90%-98%

Colin is not without a point.

Having looked at the numbers, I’m not sure there was a path to victory available to Daniel Squadron in the Public Advocate Runoff Primary, although I do think that, if Squadron had done some things differently, he would not have suffered the devastating, soul-crushing, public ass-whipping humiliation of a loss to Tish James by nearly 18 points (58.86% to 41.14%) only a few short weeks after trailing the same poorly-financed opponent by less than three points (36.10% to 33.61%).

This race could have been a lot closer.

Further, as Colin implies, the race does shed some light about identity politics in our City, although I think not as much light as the results of the initial Citywide primaries shed.  

Identity politics is surely one of the takeaways from this contest, but not, in my estimation, the most important one.

First, let’s the race thing out of the way.

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