Pre-Election Rundown

Starting in 2006, this department began a venerable tradition of posting a column bemoaning the lameness of the local GOP in providing the voters of the City choices in our general elections; here, for example is the 2008 version and here is the one from last year.

Basically, I use the same form every year and fill in the blanks. And the local GOP accommodates me by never failing to fail to provide choices. 

Here is this year’s list of contests, with the GOP proving once again that nothing succeeds like failure.

I do thank the GOP for giving me a choice for Mayor, and one who has sketched out a clear urban conservative vision of the future which I cannot bring myself to vote for, despite Bill DeBlasio’s best efforts to convince me to do so.

Luckily, we have a plethora of abundance in the other choices. Besides DeBlasio on two lines (D & WFP) and Lhota on four (GOP, Conservative, “Taxes 2 High” and “Student First”), we have former Bronx Beep Adolfo Carrion squandering what little is left of his once formidable reputation on the Independence line, and a Green candidate with more letters in his last name than he has supporters.

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