If Mario Proccacino Was Alive Today, He’d Be Turning in His Grave [2013 General Election Analysis, Part Two]

In our last visit together, we began our exploration of the November election returns with a look at the most interesting local race; we now turn our attention from the undercard to the main event:

“King Kaiser” Wilhelm v. The Bum of the Month.

 [Joe Lhota’s resemblance to  The Bayonne Bleeder seems to be more than a happy accident]

The contrarian in me really tried to find a story here—something like my counterintuitive take that, DeBlasio’s barely over 40% primary victory was a breathtaking landslide whose breadth was near universal, but that, nonetheless, we were still a tale of at least two cities.

DeBlasio received 795,679 votes (73.15%) to Joe Lhota’s 264,420 (24.31%) with 27,6111 votes (2.54%) going to everyone else.

Finding any detail which proved anything to the contrary was going to be a daunting task.

I started my search for a story by looking at who won where.

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