The Gateway [Half Year in Review Edition]



I’ve not posted a Gateway column since 7/24; since that time I’ve posted 14 columns (not counting this one) on Room Gate, plus one Room 8 exclusive, a memorial to the late Room 8 blogger, Maurice Gumbs.


In the same period last year, I produced 45 column PLUS 72 Gateways.


Meanwhile, I’ve still been sporadically posting stuff on my  Facebook page (although much of it seems to have disappeared –luckily, most was co-posted), and now seems a good time to take whatever’s there of value I haven’t already used, add in some miscellaneous accumulations (mostly, like in the Gateway, from my non-Gatemouth Facebook posts), spiff it up and start the New Year fresh.


Given the length, and the formatting at “Blogger,” this will be one of those rear posts (the other is here) where the full post will be on Room 8, and Room Gate will just have the intro and the link.


Here  now, nearly six months of the Gateway:






This is really Lau–sy (on the other hand, being on the same side as Naftali Bennett is no day at the beach either).






Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are.


 You well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are.


 And when your hand is on your heart,


 You're nearly a good laugh,


 Almost a joker,


 With your head down in the pig bin,


 Saying "Keep on digging."


 Pig stain on your fat chin.


 What do you hope to find.


 When you're down in the pig mine.


 You're nearly a laugh,


 You're nearly a laugh


 But you're really a cry.






At long last, a convincing argument in favor of book-burning: Conspiracy mongering must run in the Stone family; and you may have noticed that I am decidedly not a fan of Oliver’s  either.






Wasn’t the time to pack and leave before he started?




Reshma's Saujani’s rationale is that she’s far too special to acquire actual experience–she's a future president and Congress and Public Advocate (a citywide job, even if a lame one) are mere gateway offices. Only hacks like Barack Obama first serve in local shitholes like the State Senate–real talent goes straight to the top.




For the few who care, Galeway Massey attempts to explain to Brooklyn GOP war, which is so ugly because there's so little at stake.


 The piece is hilarious at times, but after reading it, the only thing I understand is that I'm glad I'm a Democrat:




This is especially stupid even for Fox, considering that the author’s view of Jesus is considered heretical by other Muslims, and that printing heresies about a prophet of Islam (as Jesus is considered) may sometimes be hazardous to one's health.






Suing Israel for the death of Jesus? Shouldn't he be suing Italy?




Sway?” In 2005, Hikind delivered John Sampson 28% in his home AD.






Not fer nuthin, but someone needs to tell Norman Order that one need not believe in the divinity of Jesus to oppose pissing in elevators.






I first became acquainted with the witty (often hilarious) and incisive rock & social criticism of the now late and lamented Mick Farren through his late and lamented column (often the highlight of an issue full of highlights) in the late and lamented Trouser Press ("America's Only Britsh Rock Magazine"–I have a an almost complete set in a box in my mother-in-laws flood proof basement, along with a few stray issues of "New York Rocker"). Later, he wrote a ton of books–(I own one of the four he did about Elvis–"An Illustrated Record" and it is pretty great)


Can't say I ever loved his musical work (either solo or with the Deviants), which was an acquired taste, but, as this Times obit makes clear, he was worth getting to know:






Snowden, the great progressive: a Paulite, who seeks asylum from homophobic fascists.




The Times is not without a point—Sal Albanese’s chances of victory pretty much make him a joke, but if the laughability of one's credentials were really a bar to inclusion in a debate, there would at least be two other guy s here who should be barred from the stage.


 But the Times is also being hypocritical. If Albanese is to be included, why not Grimaldi or Credico? By what criteria are they barred–certainly Credico raises a few interesting points now and then, and he's more likely to make you laugh than put you to sleep like the Bay Ridge bore.


 Is it because Sal was once a local elected two decades ago, while Grimaldi and Credico never were?


 By that criteria, they should have excluded Bloomie in 2001.


Joseph Hayon: They Excluded Sal so they could exclude Erick Salgado.


Gatemouth: I forgot Salgado, who will beat Sal by at least a couple or percentage points and probably by way more.




Who is to determine who is real opposition? Steve Cymbrowitz's 2010 opponent spent less that $800 and nearly gave him a coronary. Ask David Weprin and Lew Fidler about opponents who aren't real.




Will never forget one day siting in a room with just Bill Lynch and Bill Perkins when Lynch cut Perkins a new asshole while doing his aw shucks country boy act


You never wanted to be the target of Bill Lynch when he lapsed into that aw shucks country boy act–it was brutal.






When I saw the "Whitey is guilty" headline, I thought it was a Barron campaign ad.






Simeon Golar was always an apostle for decency and a man of integrity, and he fought his big battles with guts and intensity, but when Jack Newfield said that John Lindsay's administration "gave good intentions a bad name," he meant proposals like the plan to build a massive low income in Forest Hills, for which Mr. Golar ended up the public face.


 Ultimately, it took courageous local pols like Manny Gold  and skilled negotiators like a young attorney named Mario Cuomo to forge a compromise that beat the bigots and allowed a liberalism which had bitten off more than it could chew to save face.


 Otherwise, I only have one quibble with The Times' Golar obit: "Active in the Liberal Party, Mr. Golar was its candidate for state attorney general in 1966, a pioneering role for an African-American."


 Was it really such an "pioneering" or Golar to get a worthless nomination for Statewide office from a minor ballot status party in 1966 (achieving 5% of the vote)?


 W.E.B. DuBois has done the same in 1950(!!!) as the US Senate candidate of the American Labor Party (getting 4%).


 More to the point, in 1962, Manhattan Borough President Edward Dudley, had also been the Liberal Party candidate for AG, but had also been the DEMOCRATIC candidate, achieving 43% of the vote.


 That, ladies and gentlemen, is a pioneer.




I remember when the City's best felafel was on Court Street.






Well, I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman's back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days. Anyway, the real question is where does Anthony Weiner fit into this analysis?






This "analysis" is completely wrong, because it assumes that Hillary Clinton is just like anyone else. It ignores the fact that she has been under constant attack for 20 years, and that her rise to prominence has a uniquely long lifespan.


 Bottom line: There is nobody who is better prepared to be President than she is.






Hitchcock already did this film with Farley Granger.






Next year Joe Hayon will run against Moses:




It would be an irony if Greenwald's partner sought asylum from that great progressive hero Putin.




I thought he was playing Bluntman.










Another far left hero shows his true colors




Misc. Syria links:




I'd support Koppell against Klein, but I still prefer Savino to Lorraine Coyle.






I would say there are at least two flip-floppers in the Mayor’s race:




 A thoughtful column by Jeff Jacoby? What are the odds?






Double income/no kids = screwed (AKA how to get the LGTB community to support the flat tax).




Shocked that there's gambling at Rick's Café.






I don't necessarily agree with everything the author says here, but he is right on the big point:




Goldberg really doesn't have a real plan of action on Syria, but at least he gives us some food for thought:




Interesting perspective on the front runner:




You would never vote for Catsy if you'd ever been to a C-Town.






The only good thing about Syria is that my left friends, my right friends and my center friends are all hopelessly split with the people they usually agree with. It's nice to watch people flounder around without pre-chewed received wisdom and come to their own (often surprising) conclusions.


ADDENDUM: broadest ideological range of likes I've ever gotten.




I'm not sure I support a military strike, but I am feeling a good deal of contempt for those whose response is based upon reflexive opposition to all military action everywhere ever. Based on a cost benefit analysis, it may well be that military action will do more harm than good, but those who oppose it must understand that what it means is standing aside and letting unspeakable atrocities occur while we do nothing.


So many of my friends on the left (and quite a few on the right) think it is a slam dunk for non-intervention. It is not. It's not a slam dunk any which way.




Forget the legalities–Berry Gordy is a prick. McCartney, Starr, the Stones and the Flying Lizards, all of whom were involved in recording versions of the song in question, should hold a benefit for this poor man–




People don't remember that David Frost got his start in comedy. His "That Was The Week That Was" which aired in both British and American versions (inspiring Tom Lehrer's best album) served as inspiration to SNL, Stewart and Colbert, while his Frost Report gave a boost to Pythons Cleese, Chapman, Palin Jones, Idle, Marty Feldman, the Goodies and the two Ronnie.


 So, fuck Dick Nixon.






Reshma shows Bill DeBlasio her gratitude for having hired her as his Deputy–she savages the way his runs his office and can barely bring herself to admit she worked there (or Wall Street either)






Domestic Partner: Yes, I know that I promised, Gatemouth, but now there are weeks of Dexter to catch up with




Beinart at his best–discomforting practically everyone—I don't know anyone who wouldn't give this a dislike, including me:






I generally fall into category (B), with the caveats that I like to do a cost benefit analysis which shows we won't do more harm than good, and prefer actions have some degree of international support–but none of the other categories fit at all




Although I lean towards backing the President, Sully gives a far better case for opposition (or at least skepticism) than any of my leftie Facebook friends from the "just say no" no matter what the circumstances crowd




Along with Sully, Frum makes the best case for Congress saying "no"–I still lean the other way, but his questions really need to be engaged.


And yes, I know Frum has no standing to make moral arguments about wars, but it's not a moral argument he’s making–frankly, the moral arguments against action are all reprehensible–the pragmatic arguments are not.




According to Goldberg, Bibi could care less about Syria, but will acquiesce to helping Obama in Congress to strengthen Obama (who he despises) in the eyes of Iran–nonetheless it's clear Bibi would have preferred the absence of American redlines in Syria, so he wouldn't have to go anywhere near such an unpopular policy.


 The whole things sounds so crazy that it must be true:




I don't know if these folks have noticed, but there's been a war on Syria for quite a while now.




Best line of the Dems’ Mayoral debate was Liu's: "city of two tales"–wonder who wrote it for him–probably a joke bundler.


Both DeB and Quinn could major in revisionist history. And Weiner seem to have forgotten that he took member item money from the Vallone slush fund–what a hypocrite!








Just for the record, on June 14, 2013, the House of Representatives voted 315-108 (with majorities from both parties) for a resolution stating:


 "(b) Sense of Congress- It is the sense of Congress that–


(1) President Obama should have a comprehensive policy and should ensure robust contingency planning to secure United States’ interests in Syria;


 (2) President Obama should fully consider all courses of action to remove President Bashar al-Assad from power;


 (3) the conflict in Syria threatens the vital national security interests of Israel and the stability of Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, the implications of which should be sufficiently weighed by the President when considering policy approaches towards the conflict in Syria;


 (4) the sale or transfer of advanced anti-aircraft weapons systems to Syria poses a grave risk to Israel and the United States supports Israel’s right to respond to this grave threat as needed;


 (5) the President should fully consider all courses of action to reinforce his stated ‘redline’ regarding the use of weapons of mass destruction by the Assad regime in Syria, which could threaten the credibility of the United States with its allies in the region and embolden the Assad regime;


 (6) the United States should continue to conduct rigorous planning and operational preparation to support any efforts to secure the chemical and biological stockpiles and associated weapons;


 (7) the United States should have a policy that supports the stability of countries on Syria’s border, including Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, and Israel;


 (8) the United States should continue to support Syrian opposition forces with non-lethal aid;


 (9) the President, the Department of Defense, the Department of State, and the intelligence community, in cooperation with European and regional allies, should ensure that the risks of all courses of action or inaction regarding Syria are fully explored and understood and that Congress is kept fully informed of such risks;


 (10) the President should fully consider, and the Department of Defense should conduct prudent planning for, the provision of lethal aid and relevant operational training to vetted Syrian opposition forces, including an analysis of the risks of the provision of such aid and training;


 (11) should the President decide to employ any military assets in Syria, the President should provide a supplemental budget request to Congress; and


 (12) the President should use all diplomatic means to disrupt the flow of arms into Syria, including efforts to dissuade Russia from further arms sales with Syria, the influx of weapons and fighters from Hezbollah, and the infiltration of weapons and fighters from Iran."




Next we will find foreskin munching fish practicing MBP in the East River.






Sully is one of the few opponents of military action honest enough to acknowledge what he really "advocates": "Yes, I’m saying that an American president in the 21st Century has to accept that gassed children do not necessitate a military response. This is a fallen, awful, horrible world." When the rest of you are this honest, we can begin the debate:




Wow–someone finally found a way to get Dennis Kucinich to worry about Al-Queda.






People who promised to take away Alesi's job because he voted for SSM now express outrage that the other side would give him a job for the same reason. They are also shocked there is gambling at Rick's Café:






Barney Frank supports the President on Syria:




Blair eloquently and persuasively argues for action in Syria; of course, he'd be even more persuasive if he wasn't wrong the last time (though he deals with that as well):




Tom Friedman essentially takes Sarah Palin's "Let Allah sort it out" quip and makes it into a pretty persuasive column—much better than the tripe I've been hearing from my "progressive” friends




After skewering everyone else, Wayne Barrett fries DeBlasio to a crisp:






This article says Anthony Weiner likes to eat oysters. I remain a skeptic. I think he just likes to have long conversations with strangers about how much he likes to eat oysters.




Anthony Weiner is having a brawl right now with Will McAvoy (Anthony thinks it would all be worth it, if he gets to meet Sloan Sabbith).




Eliot gave out free hot dogs at Brooklyn Borough Hall–it was weiners for Spitzer




DeBlasio tries to sew the foreskin back on; is this a subliminal Weiner story?




Tale of Two Cities? City of two tales?


 Bill DeB sounds more like a cat of nine tales.


 "While few question that de Blasio’s core ideology is in line with the progressive principles he espouses, there was a notable consensus among the individuals interviewed for this article that de Blasio is definitely not the liberal standard-bearer he made himself out to be but rather a centrist in the vein of the Clintons (he served in Bill’s administration as a regional director for HUD and managed Hillary’s first campaign for U.S. Senate in 2000); a shrewd political strategist with a propensity to morph to serve his self-interest. Time and again, the words “pragmatist” and “opportunist” came up in descriptions of de Blasio’s character, both from those who like and those who loathe him."




I know where Reshma got the story about paying her parent's mortgage. She thought it up while working next to John Liu at the sweatshop.




This is why I'm voting for Tish James; she's the one candidate who is master of her domain:




We were in Peekskill for a wedding, and on the ride back this morning, we decided to stop in Riverdale at a Jewish deli we liked (which I'd discovered on a campaign in 2000). Sadly, doing this without first conducting a search is can be as disappointing as looking for a favorite used record store w/o checking first. –Luckily, we found another one open nearby–still, the way things are going, next time we will probably head for Arthur Avenue instead (especially ironic, because there are more Jews left in Riverdale than Italians in Belmont).






Sydney Leathers is now in the dustbin of history. her porn video has now received FDA approval–it is what they give you for an erection lasting more than four hours.






Vallone, Miller, Quinn


 Will everyone please stop talking about the Council Speakership as a stepping stone for anything but a lucrative career in the private sector? We've had three Council Speakers–they've all un for Mayor, and they all got their asses kicked.


 Isn't being Speaker its own reward?


 On the other hand, since the useless office of Public Advocate was created, one of its three occupants became the Democratic nominee for Mayor and nearly won the job; today, a second seems in striking distance of the nod (and the third did not run for Mayor).




Perils of Primary Day:


Domestic Partner tells me the President gave a great speech last night about Syria.


 I was otherwise occupied at the time.


 Can anyone tell me what he said?




With all the fuss about the fall of Tony the Hot Dog and the Luv Guv, no one noticed the end of Poor Wittle Sally Ally Albanese, who finished in last place behind not only Erik Salgado but a deranged former standup comic and a delusional gentleman from the Bronx who once sued the Pope.


 Would it be to mean for me to suggest that this was karma for Sal's endorsing Republican Marty Golden against incumbent Democratic State Senator Vinnie Gentile in 2002?




Chait on Bloombergism:


 My own rather similar take from late 2010:




From 2011; Weiner, a refresher course:






Does anyone besides me think that it's ironic that the new icon of anti-Clinton/Cuomo leftism in the Democratic Party ran Hillary's first political campaign and served as a Cuomo aide at HUD?




Publicly sticking under adverse circumstances used to be regarded as a sign of integrity, but these days it seems that discarding a politically disadvantageous position five seconds after it becomes so is now regarded as a sign of being a model of 21st century progressivism.




Kuby gives Hynes an honest but gracious send-off:




Sully, previously an Obama critic on Syria, makes the case for the President's policy.


 I must note that what once appeared to be a less than ideal handling of a less than idea policy appears to be one the way to accomplishing its limited goals.


 Back when Ike and Dulles used to do this sort of thing it was called "brinksmanship," and realists hailed it for its cold brilliance:




Greenwald goes even further over the deep end than usual:




Calley may have been a war criminal–Petraeus was a good soldier (McChrystal, on the other hand, had McArthur tendencies) —not saying I'd vote for him for office (he's no Wesley Clarke) but the content of the protest was kinda over the top. The job of the military is to carry out the policy of the civilian government. And that is what they are objecting to. I thought this question was resolved when McArthur was fired. A fish rots from its head, not its arms.






Wow, if Rudy had done this in 2001, right now we'd be discussing the Green legacy (actually, we would have been discussing it four years ago)–




No use crying over expired milk.




There are two streams of thought concerning this article. The first that any campaign assistance Ken Thompson received from Clarence Norman as a consultant is not particularly relevant–in which case the article should not have been published. The alternative stream is that it is highly relevant–in which case the article should have been published before the election. In either case, the Post has once again disgraced itself.






To those who may have offended or harmed me in any way, I give forgiveness.

But don't, even for a nanosecond, hazard a thought that I'm ever going to forget.


To anyone I may have offended, hurt or harmed knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or otherwise this past year, I ask forgiveness. To both of the others, I apologize for overlooking you.


Take two Kol Nidres and call me in the morning






My prime objection to this Post editorial is its rampant stupidity–they have a right to disagree with Williams and Lander on policy, but to lump them with Inez Dicken? Inez Dickens? OMFG! What is "left" about Inez Dickens being a slumlord? (although it is mildly encouraging and somewhat surprising that the Post finds being a slumlord objectionable) And the objection to the election of Richie Torres because he's a public housing resident is just sickening.




Russian language media mogul Gregory  Davidzon fails to understand that the right wing of the NYC Democratic Party represents social liberals who believe that municipal government is about municipal services. We may support a robust municipal sector (More money for public schools! Hospitals near your home! Public Safety!), but one which is also accountable for its performance (or lack thereof), and we have limited enthusiasm for remaking NYC as a People's Democratic Republic.


To the extent Mr. Davidzon embraces that vision, Godspeed to him. However, to the extent he wants to turn back the clock on social progress in the area of simple human rights and dignity for all NYers, regardless of their sexual orientation, he is on the wrong side of history, and his efforts are not only wrongheaded, but futile.


And, contrary to Davidzon’s assertions, the evidence of Hispanics social liberalism is mixed –the Bronx produced both Richie Torres, and Ruben Sr.


It is probably more accurate to say that for most Latinos, LGBT issues are not a decisive factor in their votes one way or the other–that is not liberalism, it is apathy.






It'll turn out the reporter was a plant.






More proof that political consultants do more harm than good:




Without actually admitting he was wrong, Sully admits he was wrong about the President and Syria–(and likely, so were you)






The DeBlasio/Yassky fight goes back to 2006, when, from the beginning of the Speaker fight, Yassky's position was "anyone but DeBlasio" –probably because he'd been burned once too many times by his colleague to the south. Even if the Taxi money folks wanted to save Yassky, they wouldn't have enough bucks to do so–Bloomberg himself doesn't have enough money to save Yassky from this old grudge.






The answer to Dr. David Reuben's question, "Do conservatives have masturbation fantasies?":




No matter where you stand on the possibility of military engagement with Syria, you still have to admit that Cynthia McKinney and Ramsay Clark are reprehensible.




Every once in a while someone blurts out a truth they're supposed to be hiding; my personal favorites include:


 Former NYC Councilman Dominic Corso: “You think it takes guts to stand up for what is right? That doesn’t take guts. What takes guts is to stand up for what you know is wrong, day after day, year after year. That takes guts!”


Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley #1: "Gentlemen, let's get the thing straight, once and for all. The policeman isn't there to create disorder; the policeman is there to preserve disorder."


 But today we have a new entry, which reveals that the problem with most mainstream media is not ideology, but its resemblance to the center of a bagel:


 Chuck Todd: " What I always love is people say, ‘Well, it’s you folks’ fault in the media.’ No, it’s the President of the United States’ fault for not selling it.”


As Freddy Prinz used to say: "Not my job.." Or as Ron Reagan once said: "Facts are foolish things":






I suppose that removal of the color barrier at exclusive, semi-secretive elitist institutions which black ball is something of an improvement, –but the existence of such institutions in any form is far more emblematic of the problematic mindset than the fact that they've eased up on one element of their elitist anti-egalitarianism.






I'm starting to think that for the Teabag right shutting down the government is not really a tactic, but rather the goal




Bill DeBlasio's favorite Clash song


Then again, given the verse "'N' if you can find a Afghan rebel


 That the Moscow bullets missed


 Ask him what he thinks of voting Communist…", it's possible that the kids at the foundation found the song a bit reactionary






Hell of a way to do foreign policy, but it seems to be working, which, given the recent past is quite a stunning accomplishment. As the song goes, "compared to what?"




I think Liu decided to endorse DeB when he learned the part about the visit to Cuba.




If Hynes wants his name off the ballot, he can always say he moved to the Rockaways,






I'm probably voting for Warren Wilhelm, but I will not be drinking his Kool-Aid (and knowing Bill, that's a deal he can live with)




Why reframe the debate—just let the silly run out the clock.




Stoopid–a lot of his money could come from Wall Street Dems who would find this all this red-baiting a bit embarrassing.


Let me amend my original thought–this could impact the Russian vote and thereby affect the council race in Sheepshead Bay–anything else, not so much.




I'm sure she has a strong background in administrative law.




Cory Booker proves he's not gay (not that there's anything wrong with it)






Hersh either has the story of the century–or he's completely out of his mind–or both; but we will never find out by reading this article.






Better than the original:








Friedman finally comes to his senses in understanding that one and only one of the parties is at fault.




A nice concession speech by Squadron–Mo Udall once prayed to G-d to make his words soft and sweet in case he had to eat them. Sadly, Dan's words about Tish will be harder to swallow–as Bob Dylan pointed out, one can swallow one's pride, because it is not poison–but Dan's words surely were. If a Republican had said such things about a black woman, half of Squadron’s constituents would be posting here, accusing them of racism.






It's especially insidious how the Jews hid their role in the government shutdown by having all of their members but Cantor vote the other way. Thank G-d there is "progressive" media out there to tell us the truth!




For those deluded souls who think both parties are equally to blame:






Ignore the title (and some of the text) –it is worth it. For, although it bears nearly zero relevance to the mayor's race, I am still glad that Paul Berman (a genuine democratic socialist, who has actually called upon DeBlasio to embrace NYC's proud tradition of democratic Socialism), has set the record straight as to the not so proud and profoundly undemocratic record of the Sandinistas.


Just to be clear–I repeat, I think this is absolutely irrelevant to the Mayoral race–but now that we are again discussing the Sandinistas, history should not be prostituted to politics by failing to tell the truth. :






As a centrist Democrat, let me explain why my party is still functional one, even though it too has a base filled with ideologically unreasonable loons. The difference, as David Frum once explained, is that the GOP leadership fears the GOP base, while the Democratic leadership hates the Democratic base




New Rule: MSNBC, if you are going to have a successful live, liberal oriented public affairs program with some comedy content, you might want to try some time slot where your entire audience isn't already occupied–hey, how about Friday Nights at Ten O'clock?


 Having had my run-in with Alex Baldwin (as he was then) in campus politics at GWU (back when he was the shaygets hero of the qualude and bourbon clique of JAP business majors in their wars with the pothead set), I'm not exactly rooting for him (the last time we saw each other about 1980, he called me a "political whore" and my best friend a "political pimp”) but wouldn't you think that MSNBC would at least have had the sense to give him some "Real Time" slot for his program instead counter-programming it against the model of its genre?






So DP insists on trying Dino BBQ even though Dybbuk wants Ethiopian. I warn her that the weekend is not the time. She insists. We walk over and it's a 45 minute wait. So we leave and I notice that across 4th Ave is another BBQ place. It's a little hole in the wall, with picnic tables outside, but everything's great–the burnt end beans are awesome. I am renaming the place Dino Spillover, but here's its real name:




Learn how the Chabad guys spot Jews. They must be experts, cause they always find me. Last time, I told them "what, you think Hashem gave me this punim because he has a sense of humor?" One tip though, guys–stop dissing the Asians–in 50 years, you'll be able to spot a young non-Orthodox Jew by the slanty eyes.


Zac Segal: I got approached once a long time ago. I said, "do I look Jewish?"


GATE: I had a friend who, during the Jewish interval of her life, used to grab Chabad missionaries by the hand and say "I'm so sorry I can't talk to you, I'm having my period"


AJ Weberman: Before they can say anything I ask them "Excuse me are you Jewish?"






There are only two possible reason why Boehner won't let a clean CR come to the floor: (1) it would pass; (2) it wouldn't pass, and his conference would be blamed for that by the public.




Once again, Lhota's cluelessness about the politics of NYC leads one to question whether he is really smart enough to be Mayor:




This must all be painfully ironic for the elected official how allowed this to happen, Bill Thompson.






No matter how offensive the statements made by Rabbi Yosef (and believe me, as an active Reform Jew, I have more good reason to take offense at some of them than most of you), the offering of condolences about his death is probably the least offensive form of pandering to religious groups we've seen in this election so far.


For instance, to cite only one example of something both candidates are guilty of to some extent, Mr. Lhota has down a 180 turn around about requiring informed consent of parents before a particularly dangerous religious ritual, which the parents might not even desire or know is taking place, can occur.


 I mean, when has a politician ever said anything bad about a dead religious leader who hasn't called America "The Great Satan"? Leave discussing the Rabbi's contributions, such as they were, to people who actually care about understanding them, and move on to talking about New York.




Just to be clear about who it is who is refusing to negotiate:




Ginsberg’s refusal to acknowledge the possibility of a Dem loss, given the consequences should she die or have to resign, is astonishing, and if she is wrong, the result will be devastating—






Now I've Seen Everything Department: The man who once called himself "Jesus of Cool" cuts a seemingly un-ironic Christmas Album:




George Will departure from ABC to join Fox is win/win, as it will simultaneously raise the intellectual level of the discourse at both networks.




I am truly puzzled by the legs this story has; I mean does anyone really believe that Bill even knew who Rabbi Yosef was before Pinny Ringel handed him the statement being issued?






My favorite political writer (and prime inspiration) writes his: Worst. Column. Ever.






Lhota's ortho backers say that since Columbus was really a Maranno, criticizing him makes DeB an anti-Semite.




Just think–if the Rabbi instead administered the cattle prod to the House Speaker until he allowed a vote on the CR and debt ceiling, he would be a national hero. Though frankly, I think that it would be a tough job–in order to apply the cattle prod to Boehner's balls, you would first have to find them.






Ten year old Dybbuk pontificates about the government shutdown and the Mayoral race. We didn't talk in advance (he's at Grandma's tonite), so he got the significance of the House vote a bit wrong, as well as a few other facts, but his heart is in the right place and he makes fewer typos than his dad.




Today we seem to have one less self hating Jew than many people had assumed.


 Money Quote: " I support Israel and I’ve supported it since the day it was founded. Israel’s neighbors have treated it badly, cruelly, instead of embracing it and making it part of the Middle East family of nations. Over the years Israel has responded to these attacks in various ways, some of which I approved of and some less so. I understand that Israelis have been through hard times, I don’t expect Israel to react perfectly every time and that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a wonderful, marvelous country. I’m just worried about the rise of fundamentalism in Israel, which I think damages its interests. I also have questions about your leadership, which doesn’t always act in Israel’s best interests. But even my criticism of Israel comes from a place of love, just like when I criticize the United States. It would be a mistake not to say something if you think a country you love makes a mistake and could hurt itself.”


Charlie HallHe is still a creep.


GATE: but a liberal Zionist creep—


Charlie Hall To quote Truman, "He's OUR SOB."


GATE: his son's real dad was pro-Israel too–even acted in "cast a giant shadow"




Query: why would the media pay attention to someone whose own party won't help him?






I must take issue with the idea that we are being held hostage by 40 to 50 House Republicans. The fact is that Boehner is essentially the vehicle for the majority of his conference, and the majority of his members, though not insane, want insulation from having to do with letting a compromise come to the floor, because they are afraid of losing a primary to some right wing nut if it happens. Boehner is serving his members desire by preventing this. So, until a real compromise comes to the floor, it is not the fault of 40 Republicans, but all of them, even those few in the conference pushing for a compromise (who, by enabling this majority, allow this obscenity to continue)




THE MAYORAL DEBATE:  One guy played rope a dope, doing the same repetitious dance steps all nite–the other appeared to be a punch drunk bum of the week. The quality of the debate couldn't have gotten much lower if the battle was between McMillan and Credico (but at least I would have remained awake)




Let's be fair–they may have been doing something innocent–like snorting coke.




Politico has declared Booker the winner–the margin is currently around 56/43–somewhat disappointing given the state is blue and the GOP candidate was a near psychotic, but a great caution against hubris in what has been a pretty hubris enhancing day for Democrats.




On one side, the flag of loyalty; on the other side, the flag of treason:






Lhota's inept campaign has actually driven skeptical Dems to support DeBlasio.




Last night I woke up with the shakes after dreaming that Paul Bader had beaten DeBlasio for Council in 2001 and was now going to be the next Mayor.




It is unbecoming to gloat overly much, and the guy is legally blind, so perhaps he didn't know who it was. But, really, there are so many better reasons why Lonegan's a dick.






If Lhota had smart Orthodox advisors, they would never visit this sort of schul with a press entourage–Yeruchim Silber taught Bill well. But, to be fair, Bill’s already bought up all the good Orthodox operatives.




Home sweet home–(even if I've been away too long)–Dybbuk just calls it "the bar" as if there is no other, because, in all honesty, there ain't:






Lhota doesn't know who Isaac Abraham is? Who says the guy is unlucky?






GOP intellectual (not yet an oxymoron, but close) Ramesh Ponnuru describes the somewhat alarming, but entirely understandable, thoughts of a GOP Senator:


 "He also expresses a deeper anxiety. At a Senate Republican lunch the day of the vote, someone mentioned that the party wasn’t ready to run the Senate: If Republicans had held a majority in both the House and the Senate, they wouldn’t have been able to pass anything in either chamber. The senator thinks such a turn of events would have been “incredibly damaging.”


He heard a similar sentiment from the other chamber of Congress: House Republicans from his state have told him how much happier some of their colleagues would be if they were in the minority and could just lob spitballs at the Democrats. “We have to really think how we become the governing party,” he says."






Boxley/Lopez/Kellner, Met Council and now this. Is this the end of Grand Street?




Why would Cuomo target his guys?




The Guy Fawkes Republicans are complaining about Fire Department response time:




Ronald Shannon Jackson was discovered by Ornette; played in a band with Sonny Sharrock, and discovered Vernon Reid. Truly, talent attracts talent.






Haunting Thoughts Department: After the election is over and Ken Thompson is DA, what will John O'Hara do with his life?




Why is Jeff Kurzon running for Congress?


Because a district populated largely by low income Latinos and Asians cannot be trusted to represent itself and needs the guidance of someone of superior breeding who graduated from Phillips Exeter.




As a liberal who long ago repudiated the "Left," I really appreciate this lefty giving us the back us his hand, and wish conservatives and the media (as well as a few too many liberals) would start to get the difference:


 Money quote: " Like liberals, there are several varieties of leftists. All, however, share an understanding that capitalism is an essentially unfair economic system that rewards those who already have capital much more frequently than those who just work their tails off. They also understand that capitalism needs wars to survive and requires inequality to function. This is why they oppose it. As stated before, liberals have a much rosier view of capitalism and have historically been willing to do whatever it takes to save it. So, while they may be the Left’s occasional allies, they are not the Left"






I liked this guy much better when he was a character in a Grateful Dead tune; I bet this Brit Jack Straw wannabe doesn't even share the women and the wine,7340,L-4445810,00.html






For some reason I feel compelled right now to put on "Magic and Loss" (btw, the album is partially dedicated to the late Doc Pomus–subject of a great documentary in which Lou appears)


Domestic Partner (Facebook Status): Listening to Lou Reed's album "magic and loss". Yes, there are upsides to being married to Gatemouth !


GATE:  DP and I saw Lou’s collaboration with Robert Wilson, “POEtry,” at BAM just after we met in 2001–Lou was sitting behind us with a friend, discussing Chinese herbal medicine, which apparently worked for a while–his face was creased like a relief map. We said hello, but it's hard to know what to say to a legend, so we just let him keep on boring us to death talking about herbs. We later used "I'll Be YourMmirror” as our wedding song. I'll never forget the discussion–I wanted "In My Life." DP objected, and I said "Listen to the lyrics." She agreed they were perfect, but said "It's still a Beatles song, and getting married to a Beatles song is far too pedestrian." I agreed and she suggested something, by Brecht and Weill (probably in the original German). So we agreed to meet Brecht and the Beatles halfway and halfway between Brecht and the Beatles is the place you find the Velvet Underground.


I don't know why I felt such a kinship with Lou Reed, but I once wrote an entire autobiographical essay around the song Heroin:


And Marcia Wallace:


Appropriate memorial: get a Newhart DVD and have a marathon game of the "Hi Bob" drinking game in her honor (am I dating myself?):






 Bastards haven't linked Gatemouth since Ben Smith left:






Marcy Wang: In conversation with my Father this weekend Alexander's friend Dybbuk said the following:


 "I would like to President when I grow up. Alexander, you can be Secretary of Transportation, but be aware that you will have to earn it. There will be no political patronage in my administration. You will either need to be a lawyer or a Senator."


Yeah – he's 10.


GATE: No patronage?!? Obviously not his father's son.






My all purpose answer to Obamacare critics: compared to what?


I don't mind letting Ray Kelly know how one feels–it may even be a moral imperative to do so. But once one has made this clear, it is thuggish and anti-democratic not to let the man speak his piece:




Quoted and linked today on the Times' blog:






I will not deny that there are some people who may make out worse under health care reform, but it would be nice if the press actually went out and found them,0,6010994.story






Trouble in the Leper Colony:




The most disappointing words one can read on a Saturday morning: "Gail Collins is off today."




Have to note Tom Gross shows his ignorance in implying that Dylan was less of a Zionist than Reed—"Neighborhood Bully" anyone?




I don't understand why Roman Farrow matters at all.




PAYBARAH: Actor and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte said de Blasio maybe should serve 12 years as mayor, not just eight, “because I maintain that, politically, when you got a good thing, don’t get rid of it.”


GATE: Will DeBlasio change his position on term limits? I think we can depend on him to stand steadfast –until the end of his second term approaches


It's six foot, seven foot, eight foot Mayor!
Daylight come and me wan' go home
Six foot, seven foot, eight foot Mayor!
Daylight come and me wan' go home
Election Day-o






I bet they produce good Presidents as well.




I don't reflexively object calling out stupid commie-sympery–if you supported the Hitler Stalin pact, I'm gonna call you on it–but this is plain stupid–didn't Nixon go to China, for chrissake?






Overcome by sentiment (and a 33% discount) I finally bought the Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration "Lulu."


 Not for nothing, but it's so depressing, it makes "Berlin" seem like "Smile"






Last year, in the attached article, I wrote about how David Greenfield is the real political force in Borough Park, but City Hall News, not paying attention to actual data, still persisted in calling the impotent Dov Hikind the real power (as did the Times). Now, despite determined opposition, Greenfield takes over 80% of the vote in an area which Lhota won. He should send Joe Hayon a dozen roses for giving him the opportunity to prove his strength.




The problem with Blumenthal isn't that his hatred of Israel offends right wing Zionists or even liberal Zionists–it is that he hatred of Israel even offends anti-Zionists (read the last six paragraphs).




Outdone by the GOP. Virginia Democrats apparently had a bet with the local Republicans. The Dems said, "we've found the single most unappealing gubernatorial candidate ever" and the GOP, "you ain't seen nuthin yet" and rose to the challenge:




Christie wins in a near landslide, but the Senate is 24-16 Democratic and the 46-34, so I guess this is a purely personal victory, owing to the Governor's warm and cuddly demeanor.






For all of my Frumpublican friends:




Imam: "Only Gay men play musical instruments"


I was just thinking of all the pussy being wasted on these gay men.






The headline is inaccurate–it's not about whose had the most schtupping, but about whose had the most schtuppees–frankly, the 12 month periods in which I've had three or more partners are not the 12 month periods when I've had the most sex.




The State Representative from Maui-Wowie:




Not fer nuthin, but there is another Latino in the Speaker's race–Mark Weprin's mom was born in Cuba and her first language is Spanish.






Left populism: a great philosophy, as long as you don't have to use it to govern:






Triumphant pro-same sex marriage gay conservative proves it by opposing alternatives to marriage, for gays and straights, because they undermine the real thing.






Lander gets younger and younger looking every year.






An article today finds conservatives are more offended by the rainbow flag than by the Stars and Bars of Cracker treason. I think they protest too much; anyway, this clarifies exactly what Jackson Browne was referring to when he wrote "My Redneck Friend":






Don't worry about the guy Al-Qaeda beheaded; I hear he's getting 72 virgins. Unfortunately, he can't go down on them.






Dybbuk's latest run-on sentence (the apple doesn’t fall far):






The Jewish Press (and Commentary) admit that the Zionist Left are not Israel's enemies. I'm starting to believe Moshiach may come:


 "The bottom line here is that the real debate about the Middle East is not between the so-called Jewish establishment and left-wing critics of Israel like the J Street lobby and writers like Alterman and Goldberg. Rather it is between anyone who recognizes that Jews have a right to a state and those who wish to see that state destroyed."




Can't wait for Max Blumenthal to explain how this makes Israel just like the Nazis.


Just to be clear, I object to people calling Blumenthal a “self hating Jew," because it is so manifestly untrue. The smug sense of self-satisfied moral superiority maintain by Blumenthal and many of those who share his views is anything but self hatred–he probably spontaneously climaxes every time he gazes at his reflection or reads his own prose.


Blumenthal is not engaged in constructive criticism, saying to Israel "Change or die" (that’s what I’m saying)–he's just saying "Die." It takes a willful misreading of his words to call a request that one commit suicide "constructive criticism"




The Governor has just made a lot of people really unhappy; some people are smiling, but almost none of them control a Democratic County Committee in any legislative district.


Three possibilities: 1) The Governor really does not want Charles Barron in Albany, 2) the Governor really doesn't like elections where the parties can by-pass the primary process, or 3) the Governor wants to trade the elections for something he really wants (remember, one of the vacancies is from the Kings County Democratic Leader's home district).


Btw, I support Barron going to Albany; the way the press covers the place, we’ll never hear from him again; plus, he’ll drive Shelly nuts. 






I saw the Pythons live at City Center in 76 (joined by Neil Innes of the Bonzo Dog Band and later the Rutles). Eric Idle’s long monologue about boorish British tourists abroad had to be seen to be believed (although I think he was too hard on Watney's Red Barrel) –it reminded me of something Stoppard did in "Travesties."




Sully: " If you want a free market in healthcare, you have to let people die on the streets or in agony at home rather than seeking mandatory help in an emergency room, if they have not been able to buy insurance. Anything else is socialized medicine, which we’ve had in America since 1986. The question is simply whether we want to have the most fucked-up, inefficient and inhumane socialized system on the planet or whether we have the political courage to tackle this. Decry Obama all you like, but he has tackled this. And the pile-on is a form of denial that we have a problem. But boy, do we have a problem."




Sully: "The reason for my support for the ACA is that the crisis of costs and accessibility is urgent and only Obama had the balls to propose a possible solution. The ACA, it seems to me, is a good faith attempt at integrating the existing structures of American healthcare into a better system that can expand coverage and also control costs. In that sense, once again, I think Obama is the conservative in this – and many ideological liberals will not disagree. It may be that this conservative compromise won’t work; but a more bare bones insurance regime which does not have to include the basic needs of most lives, and skimps on preventative care, is a false economy."




I was going to write this myself, but Chait has already done it: The GOP is engaged in court-packing (and you thought they wanted to repeal the entire FDR legacy).




Dybbuk's new crusade:






#6 Really hit home:




For once, bloviating Bill Donohue is right about something. DeBlasio should have a member of the Catholic clergy on his transition team.


 I suggest he appoint Pope Francis.






Why wasn't Jesus born in Albany?


 They couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.




Death By Chocolate for those who enjoy their indulgence less sweet.






To be clear, the Socialist in the picture is the guy on the right.




Ironically, Dinkins comes up with a proposal even less likely to pass in Albany than DeBlasio's.






I just hope this is not like the time Bloomie said he was going to aid pro-gun control candidates and then bank-rolled the pro-gun State Senate GOP.




Like in other episodes of his life, Alex (as he shall always be known to me) blames everyone but himself–in fact, somewhere deep inside he is probably still blaming Pete Aloe (those of you not from GW circa 1979 can try googling their names together)






From each according to their ability; to each according to their need.






Sanctimonious phony of the day Award: Charles Krauthammer. I would say that, based on his legacy, one could retire the trophy altogether, but upon reflection, that would be unfair to John Podhoretz:






Harry Siegel fails to understand the subtle and not so subtle difference between Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Boerum Hill.


Carroll Gardeners boil over with class resentment thinking of those spoiled rich Cobble Hillbillies and the small fortune one can embezzle from their school PTA fund without anyone even noticing.




Diane J. Savino: he didn't even get sworn in yet, and already the critics are lining up. we elected him to be mayor, that means he gets to make the decisions, that also indicates that we should trust him to make the decisions. this is not governing by committee.




GATE:  but what if your trust was based upon this promise?






The book I want as a gift is the Moreland Report with footnotes added where the names haven't been deleted to protect the guilty.




Nelson Mandela was a true democrat and a believer in the rule of law and human rights. His absence of a desire for vengeance given the indignities visited upon him was almost super-human. It goes without saying, when looking at the Robert Mugabes of the world, that the black people of South Africa were damned lucky that Nelson Mandela led their revolution–although, the white people of South Africa were even luckier that this was so.






Yes, Mandela was his country's Washington and its Lincoln, but he was also (my favorite founding father) its Madison:


Robert Rohrberger: It's a shame that his latest successor is Aaron Burr.




And of course, he was ousted by his own party.




Nostalgia for the days when Zionism was a left wing national liberation movement:




I oppose expanding settlements; I would like to dismantle the illegal ones immediately and subject the rest to negotiation (some will inevitably be kept)–but let's get real —ending settlements won't begin to end the problems of the Middle East:






Santorum says that Mandela's fight is like the fight against ObamaCare.


Before we dismiss this thought out of hand, I say we give him 27 years to think about what he said.






Goldberg says Bibi should call the Palestinians' bluff, but won't because he's afraid they might not be bluffing.




Newt always considered himself a revolutionary, used any weapon at hand, and probably considered being in the House Minority the equivalent of being imprisoned on Robben Island, so of course, he sympathizes with Mandela—but give the man his due–he's absolutely right and sums up the truth beautifully


 "Yesterday I issued a heartfelt and personal statement about the passing of President Nelson Mandela. I said that his family and his country would be in my prayers and Callista’s prayers.


 I was surprised by the hostility and vehemence of some of the people who reacted to me saying a kind word about a unique historic figure.


 So let me say to those conservatives who don’t want to honor Nelson Mandela, what would you have done?


 Mandela was faced with a vicious apartheid regime that eliminated all rights for blacks and gave them no hope for the future. This was a regime which used secret police, prisons and military force to crush all efforts at seeking freedom by blacks.


 What would you have done faced with that crushing government?


 What would you do here in America if you had that kind of oppression?


 Some of the people who are most opposed to oppression from Washington attack Mandela when he was opposed to oppression in his own country.


 After years of preaching non-violence, using the political system, making his case as a defendant in court, Mandela resorted to violence against a government that was ruthless and violent in its suppression of free speech.


 As Americans we celebrate the farmers at Lexington and Concord who used force to oppose British tyranny. We praise George Washington for spending eight years in the field fighting the British Army’s dictatorial assault on our freedom.


 Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”


Thomas Jefferson wrote and the Continental Congress adopted that “all men are created equal, and they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”


Doesn’t this apply to Nelson Mandela and his people?


 Some conservatives say, ah, but he was a communist.


 Actually Mandela was raised in a Methodist school, was a devout Christian, turned to communism in desperation only after South Africa was taken over by an extraordinarily racist government determined to eliminate all rights for blacks.


 I would ask of his critics: where were some of these conservatives as allies against tyranny? Where were the masses of conservatives opposing Apartheid? In a desperate struggle against an overpowering government, you accept the allies you have just as Washington was grateful for a French monarchy helping him defeat the British.


 Finally, if you had been imprisoned for 27 years, 18 of them in a cell eight foot by seven foot, how do you think you would have emerged? Would you have been angry? Would you have been bitter?




Maybe he meant it as a compliment:






McCain's cheap shot inspires one in return. Serves him right.




The Senate district includes all the areas where Rajkumar was blitzed, but omits strong areas for her like the Village.






Stupid headline–these punks won't even bother to vote in 2014 when we so need them to.






All in all, it was probably more respectful to Mandela's memory for Bibi to send no one than it would have been to send Avigdor Lieberman




The party of (George) Lincoln (Rockwell).




I thought it was Beirut.




I don't agree with all the pro-Lopez assertions in this article, and I don't agree with all its anti-Lopez assertions, but it gets it pretty close to right. Another view, from back in May:







Abbas: Boycott settlements, not Israel: "…we do not ask anyone to boycott Israel itself…We have relations with Israel, we have mutual recognition of Israel.”




I don't object to member items in theory, the concept of the chosen rep of the voters allocating some money in a manner that best suits the districts they represent is sound public policy–what is not is the reality of the system.


The reality of member items is that history has told us, again and again, that they will be abused until they are eliminated. Even when spent on good programs, they are mostly a means of incumbent protection. I'm not sure "reform" is really possible.


However, if DeBlasio really insists upon eliminating them, he must first have his named removed from the trash receptacles in Borough Park.






Bibi approaches LGTB issues strictly on the down-low.






In addition to gloating over the troubles of the Great White Bloat, I just want to note that one of the prime malefactors here, David Wildstein used to be Jersey's best Political Blogger, "Wally Edge," and ask why no one gives me the opportunity to abuse power.






Duck Dynasty:


Conservatives apparently believe that corporations have a right to religious views, but not political views (although they are willing to make an exception when corporations give money to Republicans.


For those who need a refresher, Gatemouth parses the Helen Thomas and Dr Laura "free speech” controversies:


The Duck Dynasty suspension does not implicate the first amendment—real Republicans should delight in it as proof that the market place works.






JJ Goldberg seeks to create a firestorm, defending Rabbi Stephen Wise (and to a lesser extent FDR) and his efforts on behalf of European Jewry during the Holocaust:


 "The inaction myth dominates American Jewish public discourse. The default assumption is that Roosevelt, who had more Jewish advisers than all previous presidents combined, was an anti-Semite, and his Republican opponents, who led the fight to keep America’s gates closed, were the Jews’ friends. A new generation of neo-Jabotinskyites, encouraged by successive right-wing Israeli governments, has emerged as permanent critics of their fellow Jews and their organizations. And presidents — especially Democratic ones and most especially the current one — are attacked with ever-growing frequency and intensity, continually accused of selling out the Jews. It’s always 1943.


 It’s not healthy. It strains relations with the White House. It alienates young Jews from the community. And, like the Bergson attacks of yesteryear, it’s a lie."






It takes one to know one:


"Susan rice is a man with big swinging ape balls." — Roseanne Barr–_Roseanne_Barr






Putin would be comfortable in the Virginia legislature.






Things I'd love to hear but never will: Shep doing 45 minutes on the absurdity of one of his stories becoming emblematic of what he once called "the creeping meatball"




Conservative now embraces an idea that got Lani Guinier dumped for being a dangerous un-American radical




Hikind: The cure for despicable suppression of academic freedom in the name of politics is to do more of the same:






As Elmer Fudd once sang, he was "taken by surprise by a pair of Jewish eyes"






"Viewers may recognize bits and pieces of past classics like Casino and Goodfellas in The Wolf of Wall Street‘s DNA"


 Really? I can't wait for the part where they put Bernie Madoff's head in a vise.




From a leader's POV, Seddio made the smart move; even if they lose, the Mayor will still owe him, and that is still better than the scraps he'd have gotten if he sided with Crowley and Heastie and they won.




The only thing which would have impressed me more would have been Steve Banks [anyone get the joke?]






A new song from the Jersey Trogg-lydites:


 Wildstein, you make my drive mean


 You make everything slow down, Wildstein


 Wild thing, I know I have you


 But I wanna know far more


 Come on, tell me more, I hate you


 Wildstein you make my drive sting


 You do everything Christie, Wildstein


 Wild thing, you sure don't move me


 And I wanna sue the Guv


 So come on and open a lane, please move me


 Wild thing you make life stink


 You make everything sucky, Wildstein


 Oh come on Guv, come on Wildstein


 Open it , open it Wildstein .






Republican behavior may be the best evidence against evolution.




Lady from Shanghai will never be the same.