The Gateway (March 2014 Edition)

Like Puxatony Phil in February, it’s once again time for me to come out of my lair and do a little punditry before going back into hiding.


MARCH 1, 2014:

I do wonder what Putin would have done if all the recent events in the Ukraine had gone down just before the Olympics


To those bashing the President for naiveté about Putin, I ask "Compared to What?"

Dubya (June 16, 2001): "I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul; a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country"



“Atwater was exemplary of a nuance in Southern politics, that people can be virulent race-baiters and still have an intimate familiarity with black and shared Southern culture, that those things are not at all contradictory,” 

This video which is the subject of this article is an out-of-context manifestation phenomena I lovingly chronicled in some detail here, as well as here. 

I'll just add that it's a shame that the video does not include the evening's non-musical portions including George HW Bush's silly attempts at looking cool and Chuck Norris (the action figure, not the 50s blues guitarist) not even trying to correctly pronounce the names of great R&B figures he's supposedly saluting (he makes Little Willie John into two different people), for it is those moments of minstrelry which give this show its proper historical context.


The GOP should shut up about Ukraine until it can face up to its own record:


We've almost never gone eyeball to eyeball w/Russia in Eastern Europe (except for Berlin) –Hungary 56, Czechoslovakia 68—-even LBJ and Ike feared to challenge The Bear in what The Bear considered to be his lair–we are now back in 56 and there's an Eisenhower Republican in the White House



Obviously if the Crimeans would vote, they would vote for Russian control (actually they'd vote for a pro-Russian Ukraine, but you get the point)–and to be fair, the only reason it's part of the Ukraine now is that Nikita Khrushchev gave it to Ukraine as a meaningless gesture, probably figuring it made no difference because "I control it all anyway, so what do I care?"

But let's face facts–whatever the history, national sovereignty was violated–not that that bothered the Russians, or anyone else, in 56 or 68.

And it should bother us–but that doesn't mean we should do anything rash in a feeble effort to undo it (though non-military actions of protest are fine with me).


The thing to remember when talking about anti-Semitism in the context of Ukraine is that virtually everyone there wants to hang the Russians and drown the Jews; the important questions is which is their first priority?



As one of my poli sci professors (a Hungarian) said back in the 70s "One day, G-d willing, the Russians will stop being communists, but they will never stop being Russians"


Ryan Nieburg: "He should just remind himself of his title, President of RUSSIA, and not Chairman of the Presidium and/or Chairman of the CPSU, for that"

GATE: Putin's ideology is of no relevance here–the Russian policy on imperialism over the Ukraine and on warm water ports has been the same since the dawn of time. Putin has no desire to become Chairman of the Presidium and/or Chairman of the CPSU–his humble ambition is to remain what he is–the Czar


I know that I am usually somewhat more friendly to humanitarian intervention than most of my friends on the left (and more than a few on the right), and that my comments here sound like they're coming from both sides of my mouth–I worry that Crimea is just Russian for Sudetenland, but frankly, I'm a bit cautious on this one– warm water ports have been a Russian redline for eternity and Putin's probably willing to expend 20 million Russian lives to win.


I'm picturing FORMER STATE SENATOR DAVID STOROBIN pontificating right now on why putrid Putin is within his rights to swing his dick where he pleases, all the time forgetting that only got his 15 minutes of fame as a State Senator because a Ukrainian helped him steal  his margin of victory.


 Wow, sleazy versus crazy.


Astroboy versus Gigantor.



The 55th AD Assembly seat is now vacant. 

Query: how did they notice the difference?



Sully is correct to the extent that the terms "pro-Israel" and "anti-Israel" are often useless. I define "pro-Israel" as what would be best for its future existence as a state both Jewish and democratic, so I think Secretary Kerry's efforts to attain a two-state solution are "pro-Israel" and consider those who want to expand settlements "anti-Israel"

But, sometimes the terms are a useful shorthand for cutting through the malarkey and calling things exactly what they are; The Bash Destroy and Savage (BDS) movement is "anti-Israel"; quickly eliminating fanatic haters and other red herrings from the conversation focuses us on the real issues at hand, so ultimately, Sully is wrong.


G-DDAMN!  Here’s to the State of Mississippi!   and its ugly_hillbilly_pecker.



For those of us of a certain age, "The Honeymooners" was our first exposure to musical comedy, and Sheila MacRae will always be who we think of when we hear the name "Alice Kramden"


Grimm I assume you know; here's the refresher course on Meeks.  

Anyway, that thing about "birds of a feather"? It's true.


Weiner bemoans De Blasio’s ability to reach out to “Reagan Democrats.” WTF does it mean to be a "Reagan Democrat" in 2014? I would say that using such an anachronism may be a sign of early Alzheimer's.




South Carolina is obsessed with penalizing.



As Captain Renault once said "I'm shocked"–actually, the only shocking thing is the announcement–everyone assumed he already had a job with the Mayor.





Many men would be secretly relieved–ever watch a c-section?




I don't think much of Astorino and his criticism of the Independence Party reeks badly of self-interested hypocrisy, but nonetheless, his criticism of them is entirely accurate as far as it goes (he forgets to mention the fact that one of their factions is a bunch of crazed Jew-hating loons who specialize in brainwashing and child abuse). 

I’ve been saying this almost from the very moment I began blogging, so I’m glad someone is finally listening.

The Governor should respond by saying "Gee, even a stopped clock is right twice a day" and agreed to not take their line either, which would likely put this collection of bloodsuckers (and worse) out of business.



Aaron Short can deny again and again that Morgan Pehme has blacklisted me over at City and State, but last year, I was on the birthday list and this year they removed me, which can only be an affirmative act with malice aforethought.


Just to be clear, Nixon appeared on “Laugh In” in 68, while a candidate–before he was President. It was Gerry Ford who did comedy shows (Mary Tyler Moore and SNL) while in the White House.



Domestic Partner made a point of sending this to me–where is Ellen-Willis when you need her?



The dividing line on whether Ginsburg and Breyer should resign is ideological. The only ones who think they should go ASAP are those who agree with them (including me).,0,6883426.story#axzz2wDkcMMHB


Although anyone who wrote for Georgie Fame can't be all bad, this guy may be the worst songwriter of the 70s. I'd rather blow Rush Limbaugh than ever hear "Billy Don't be a Hero" ever again. And, just to be clear, the Chicago police rarely had any disagreements with Mr. Capone.



Wieseltier attacks a straw man. An attacked upon opinion journalism which is unmoored by facts is not an assertion that facts can answer all questions. Data is a tool; Nate Silver supplies it better than most. Opinion writers should welcome his work instead of branding it the anti-Christ.


As Chico Marx once said "who are you going to believe; me or your eyes?"


Gatemouth shared a link via Kiki Valentine. How Do Vaccines Cause Autism?





“At twenty-one or twenty-two, so many things appear solid, permanent, and terrible, which forty sees as nothing but disappearing miasma. Forty can't tell twenty about this. Twenty can find out only by getting to be forty”





#32 is on Joralemon Street, west of Hicks


#36 is no big deal–16 & 26 Court also have their own zip codes



#40–and the first woman ever to get served at the bar at Farrell's was Pete Hamill's girlfriend, Shirley MacLaine


#41–and Prospect Park has a cemetery within it that is still






Colin Campbell seems to believe that Bill DeBlasio learned about "Silent Bob" from watching "Clerks."

I don't know about you, but I'm betting it was "Chasing Amy"



African Jews, when it comes to getting along with each other, U-gan-do better.



As Mario Cuomo used to note, "between now and then a Pope could be born," but that being said, “The Smartest Man In America” has accurately mapped out the facts on the ground and denying the truth will not make things any better for the Democrats, though some smarts, elbow grease and fundraising might (a little luck wouldn't hurt either).



One more Democratic Senate seat (IN A BLUE STATE) hits the endangered list.



Where's the literally explosive version of The Who doing "My Generation" on the Smothers?



The Liberal Party was neither Liberal nor Party. And like Catsimatadis and the milk in his stores, it long ago reached its expiration date.



Another example of NYS catching up with Gatemouth.



WTF is Sam's ? Last time I was in Sam's I reached behind the toilet and found the gun Clemenza had taped there.


This from a guy who benefits from taxpayer provided room and board.





Beinart explains where being a neo-con differs with being an “Israel-Firster,” first w/Iraq and now with Ukraine [LIZ HOLTZMAN, please take note]



As I’ve pointed out before the methodology of the Urban Justice Center’s Human Rights ratings are highly problematic. But, even by their own questionable standards, Michael Grimm would do far far worse than Dominic Recchia.





Weiner: “Why would you want to have laws that require a car be purchased through a local dealer? Perhaps to protect a purchaser's rights to easily enforce the warranty. To ensure the state's ability to enforce the reams of unique state legal requirements that govern automobile sales, service and even disposal maybe. Or, it might just be a run-of-the-mill instinct for local rather than federal regulations to govern what, for many Americans, is the biggest purchase of their lives.”

Gate: I think almost everyone I know would prefer not having to deal with a car salesman, and would gladly trade whatever the purported advantage of dealing with such bloodsuckers is supposed to be



Bridget Kelly has so much to be ashamed of that who she sleeps with has to rank low on the list (so much for the liberal slut-shamers, me among them, who licked their lips to the point of slobbering at the rumor it was the fat man).


Brace yourself Bridget!


The worst thing Colbert and the Onion did was to steal the joke; during the 70s, on SNL, Al Franken and Tom Davis did a segment about what would have happened if the Indians had won the wars—it was a news report, and the Sports report featured a team called the Cleveland Kikes.,34292/





All the hysteria about the consequences of replacing plastic bags with clothe, of which this article is a prime example, are way to dismissive of the 20th century technology called "washing machines."