2014 NYC Primary Contests (corrected)

Last Thursday was the deadline to file Party designating petitions for all offices except Congress & State Supreme Court Justice.

As I do every year, I will list the possible Primary contests in New York City based on petitions filed with the New York City Board of Elections.

The BOE list is unofficial and may include errors. Also, remember that many of these contests will not occur because candidates either withdraw or are removed from the ballot.

I will present some very brief information about candidates, if I know something about them. I do not list candidates for Judicial Delegate or Alternate or County Committee.

The order I list the candidates in has no hidden meaning & for districts that cross county lines, I’m listing them in the order the BOE uses.



State Senate

28 SD  Senator Liz Krueger is being challenged by tech businessman Shota Baghaturia

30 SD  Incumbent Bill Perkins is opposed by former candidate Ruben Vargas

31 SD  Senator Adriano Espaillat has 3 opponents – former Councilman Robert Jackson, former Council candidate Luis Tejada & Assembly aide Corey Ortega.


71 AD  Assemblyman Denny Farrell is being opposed by Kelley Boyd, a self-described “Warren Democrat”

72 AD  4 candidates filed to replace Gabriella Rosa. They are former Assemblyman Guillermo Linares, District Leader Manny De Los Santos & former candidates Francesca Castellanos & Melanie Hidalgo

76 AD  4 candidates filed to replace Micah Kellner. They are investment banker Gus Christensen, former Council candidate Ed Hartzog, former Democratic club President David Menegon, and feminist activist Rebecca Seawright

State Committee

72 AD  Male

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez & Miguel Cruz both filed

72 AD  Female

Michela Lugo & Argentina Cruz are running

76 AD  Male

Assemblyman Micah Kellner is running, along with Jonathan Piel & Karl Seidenwurm

76 AD Female

Incumbent Ruth Halberg is being challenged by District Leader Paula Dana-Bashian



72 AD  2 candidates have filed – Ronnie Cabrera & Mayobanex Villalona

Working Families

State Senate

26 SD  Manny Cavaco has filed to oppose Senator Dan Squadron



State Senate

32 SD  Senator Ruben Diaz has an opponent named Elliot Quinones (race missed on original post)

33 SD  Senator Gustavo Rivera is opposed by Councilman Fernando Cabrera & former District Jose Padilla, Jr.

34 AD  Senator Jeff Klein is being challenged by former Attorney General Oliver Koppell

35 AD  Senator Ruth Thompson is opposed by health professional Crystal Collins


77 AD  4 are running for the seat vacated by Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson. They are former Assembly aide Latoya Joiner, Rev. Verdell Mack, health activist Sherrise Palomino & Carlton Curry

78 AD  Assemblyman Jose Rivera is opposed by former Community Board District Manager Fernando Tirado

79 AD  6 candidates filed to replace Eric Stevenson – businessman George Alvarez, former Obama aide Michael Blake, NYCH activist Lanita Jones, attorney Marsha Michael, parent coordinator Raul Rodriguez & comedian/actor Frederick Ricks

83 AD  Assemblyman Carl Heastie is opposed by Olivia Chen

84 AD Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo’s opponent is former Council candidate Angel Molina

85 AD  Assemblyman Marcos Crespo has 2 possible opponents – former Council candidate William Moore & Blanca Rojas

86 AD  Assemblyman Victor Pichardo is in a re-match with former District Leader Hector Ramirez

State Committee

77 AD Male

6 candidates filed – Incumbent Gregory Delts, Rodney Baldwin, Michael Beckford, Gallo Henson, Clifford Simmons, Iman Suleman

77 AD Female

2 candidates filed – Incumbent Evelyn Rivera & Niyyirah El

78 AD Male

Former District Leader Kenny Agosto is opposed by Mohammad Jan

78 AD Female

2 candidates filed – Jasmin Clavasquin & Khadijaha Saeed

79 AD Male

3 candidates filed – Gene Edwards, Erik Farmer, Mark Haynes

79 AD Female

5 candidates filed – Diana Diaz, Carolina Encarnacion, Flynn Halsey, Gwendolyn Primus & Lucindania Rodriguez

83 AD Female

Incumbent Neva Shillingford-King is opposed by Pamela Hamilton-Johnson

85 AD Male

There are 2 candidates –Alim Jones & Matthew Shuffler

85 AD Female

There are 2 candidates – Nelly Medina & Raven Robinson

86 AD  Male

Incumbent James Duarte is opposed by Winfred Turner

86 AD  Female

There are 2 candidates – Louella Hatch & Bernice Williams

District Leader

77 AD Male

Incumbent Benny Catala is opposed by former candidate Mark Escofferey-Bey & Bernard Wilkerson

77 AD Female

Leader & Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson is opposed by Assembly candidate Verdell Mack & Stephanie Gibbs

78 AD Male

Assemblyman & District Leader Jose Rivera is opposed by Ricardo Martinez

78 AD Female

2 candidates filed – Rosa Velasquez & Nilda Velasquez (I doubt they are related)

79 AD Male

6 candidates filed – Incumbent Wilbert Lawton, Assembly candidate Raul Rodriguez, Javier Aviles, Emmanuel Findlay, Bruce Rivera & John Tucker

79 AD Female

7 candidates filed – – Incumbent Cynthia Cox, Carolina de la Cruz, Gail Gadsen, Ruby Gilliam, Yadira Soler, Lemaige Tapia & Gwendolyn Primus

85 AD Male

Assemblyman Marcus Crespo faces Gilberto Delgado

85 AD Female

There are 3 candidates – Nicole Colon, Antonia Figueroa & Camella Price

86 AD  Male

Luis Salcedo is opposed by Heriberto Collazo

86 AD  Female

There are 2 candidates – incumbent Yudelka Tapia & Sharina Aybar


State Senate

18 SD  Senator Martin Dilan is opposed by housing activist Debbie Medina

19 SD  Senator John Sampson has 4 opponents – labor activist Dell Smitherman & former candidates Leon Miles, Elias Weir & Sean Henry

20 SD  4 candidates filed to replace Eric Adams – District Leader Jesse Hamilton, former School Board member Rubain Dorancy & former candidates Guillermo Philpotts & Demetrius Lawrence


42 AD  5 candidates are running to succeed Rhoda Jacobs – District Leader Rodneyse Bichotte, former candidate Michelle Adolphe, Community Board member Victor Jordan, former Daily News reporter Mark Lieberman & Jacobs’ aide Rickie Tulloch

45 AD  Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz is in a rematch with his 2012 opponent Ben Akselrod  

51 AD  Assemblyman Felix Ortiz is opposed by Community Board member Caesar Zuniga

52 AD  The contest to succeed Joan Millman has 3 candidates – District Leader Jo Anne Simon, union activist Peter Sikora & former Council candidate Doug Biviano

54 AD  There are also 3 candidates to replace Councilman Victor Espinal. They are former Councilman Erik Dilan & former candidates Kimberly Council & Cyril Joseph

55 AD  9 candidates have file to replace William Boyland – attorney Lori Boozer, congressional aide Latrice Walker, council aide Ineisha Williford & the following former candidates – Roy Antoine, Christopher Durosinmi, Anthony Herbert, Anthony Jones, Bilal Malik & David Miller

60 AD  Former Councilman Charles Barron has 2 opponents to his attempt to succeed his wife Inez. They are Christopher Banks, her former opponent & former Assembly aide James Tillmon

Civil Court Judge

2nd JD  Prosecutor Rupert Barry is opposing Cenceria Edwards, an attorney in private practice

6th JD  Legal services lawyer Sharon Clarke is competing with 2 court attorneys – Isins Isela Isaac & Diana Szochet

State Committee/District Leader

42 AD  Male

Incumbent Edward Powell is challenged by Assembly candidate Victor Jordan

42 AD  Female

District Leader & Assembly candidate Rodneyse Bichotte has 3 opponents – former Leader Mary Hobson, Beverly Brathwaite & Pamela Laurenceau

43 AD Male

District Leader & Senate candidate Jesse Hamilton is opposed by fellow Senate candidate Guillermo Philpotts & by Geoffrey Davis, brother of the late Councilman James Davis

43 AD Female

District Leader Shirley Patterson in being challenged by Diana Richardson

45 AD Female

Incumbent Pearl Siegelman is opposed by Margarita Kagan


50 AD  Male

Newly installed District Leader Francis Cavaliere is opposed by New Kings Democrat Nick Rizzo

54 AD  Male

District Leader & Assembly candidate Erik Dilan is opposed by fellow Assembly candidate Cyril Joseph & former candidates Council candidate Helal Sheikh

55 AD Male

7 candidates are running. They are – Assembly candidates Anthony Jones & Bilal Malik plus Lamont Carolina, Barry Cooper, Daniel Goodine, Gabriel McQueen & William Miles

55 AD Female

Councilwoman & Leader Darlene Mealy has 4 challengers – Kathleen Daniel, Shermene Minter, Yasmine Ruffin & Maram Samad

57 AD Female

Incumbent Renee Collymore is opposed by former Leader Olanike Alabi

58 AD

Incumbent Melba Brown’s opponent is Pamela Garcia

60 AD  Male

Incumbent leader & former Councilman Charles Barron is opposed by David Best



46 AD  District Leader Lucretia Regina-Potter & businessman Stamatis Lilikakis are running


State Senate

10 SD  Senator James Sanders, Jr. has 3 former candidates opposing him – Everly Brown, Gian Jones & Herbert Binger

11 SD  Senator Tony Avella is challenged by former Comptroller John Liu

14 SD  Senator Malcolm Smith’s 3 opponents are former Councilman Leroy Comrie, lawyer Munir Avery & Navy veteran Bernadette Semple

16 SD  Senator Toby Stavisky faces businessman S.J. Jung


30 AD  Assemblywoman Marge Markey’s opponent is civic activist Dmytro Fedkowskyj

31 AD  Assemblywoman Michelle Titus face community board member Felicia Johnson

State Committee

29 AD  Female

Incumbent Dorita Clarke is opposed by Ruth Campbell

33 AD

Incumbent Ann Wilkinson is opposed Sabine French

District Leader

29 AD, Part A Female

Former Council candidate Joan Flowers opposes Leslie Spigner

33 AD, Part A Male

Councilman Daneek Miller & Oster Bryan are the candidates

33 AD, Part A Female

District Leader & Assemblywoman Barbara Clark is opposed by Christina Crocker

38 AD, Part B Male

Assembly aide Angel Vazquez is opposed by former Assembly candidate Farouk Samaroo

38 AD, Part B Female

Incumbent Eleanor Errante is opposed by Stephanie Constante

39 AD, Part A Female

Incumbent Jessica Ramos’ opponent is Yanna Henriquez

There are not Primary contests in Staten Island this year.