The Perpetual Campaign

It’s bad enough us civilians are being subjected to the unreality TV show that is the quest for the Republican nomination for 18 months.  Now someone is trying to bother us about the 2016 race for Senate in NY State.

On Monday, walking down 44th Street on my way to work, I noticed a photocopy on a parking ticket dispenser in front of the Harvard Club.  It said Senator Chuck Schumer is corrupt and entrenched, and voted for wars against Iraq and Iran.  It recommended a primary challenge in 2016 — a real long time from now.  With big type it didn’t say much more.  Out of curiosity I’ve checked to see when it would be removed.  Not yet.

I don’t have an opinion on Schemer.  Just thought I’d point out the flyer, since our Senator is a potential if not likely majority leader, and usually runs unopposed.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I checked around the Web, and it appears that the thing that has motivated Senator Schumer’s opponents, perhaps including those that put up the flyer, is the opposition to the Iran deal.

    If so, don’t expect much of a groundswell against him. Most people don’t know about or follow foreign policy, and those who do will probably look at it the other way, especially in NY.