What the MTA Deal Means

So I hear Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio have cut a deal. So how much will Governor Cuomo pay, and how much will Mayor DeBlasio pay? How much will the City of New York pay, and how much will the State of New York pay? The deal is secret but I have the answer. Nothing. Nothing at all. They have no money of their own . They will have to take it from us, or at least some of us, because they have no money of their own. Take more from us, take their percentage, and expect gratitude for the rest.Стрептомицин

What has this whole thing demonstrated? Contempt. Utter contempt for the majority of people of this city and state, and all those will be living here in the future. Contempt because of unwillingness to answer the question why there was ever an issue, given that our taxes are higher than people pay anywhere, while those cashing in and moving out pay so little or nothing. Contempt, in particular, for all those people working every day, paid little, paying their taxes, breaking no laws, and using virtually no public services. All they need is mass transit, because they are paid to little to afford private automobiles, and public recreation, because they are packed into so little space. The millions. The serfs. Every immigrant, and almost every one in the generations born after 1958 or so, worse off as they go along. Do ordinary people, those not in on the deals, those not entitled to hear about the secrets they will pay for, deserve this contempt? I’d like someone on the inside to answer that question.

The deal means they own this. All the taxes, all the fees, all the ongoing deterioration of subway services. Because they haven’t told us the truth. This question is now fair to ask of them as well. Why are you are your unions and supporters doing this to us?

  • Larry Littlefield

    Blackmail. That’s what all this feels like. Just like Wall Street in 2008. Those who took the money off the top are snickering, while cutting the deal to decide how much we’ll pay and what we’ll lose.