College at Sing Sing Prison/Dominic Carter chats with Doris Buffett

Hudson Link is a remarkable program, providing a college education for prison inmates, with privately raised dollars.

Hudson Link’s recidivism is only about 4 percent.  The recidivism rate for other inmates in more than 40 percent.

I want you to meet John Hale.  A man I met at Sing Sing prison recently. Mr. Hale cried like a baby in front of us because of the embarrassment he caused his family throughout the years being locked up.

Now he’s a college graduate.

I spent time with men that have made mistakes that landed them in prison for 20-30 years, but they are turning their lives around.  I also spoke with Doris Buffett about why she supports Hudson Link, and has donated 100 million to charity. Some of the men were in jail for Murder, and many experienced domestic violence issues growing up.