Rick Lazio and Bill Perkins are in serious trouble going into Tuesday’s primary


Let’s start with Republican candidate for Governor Rick Lazio.

How could he not see the huge 200 mile an hour “momentum” train running over him and having a nice cushion landing at the footsteps of rival Carl Paladino.

Lazio tried to ignore Paladino, to run out the clock, a sort of “Rose Garden” strategy. However mistake number one, to use such a tactic, you should be well liked by the base, and let’s face it, support for Lazio with the Republican Party Faithful has been luke-warm at absolute best. Lazio’s strategy may still barely work, but not if you believe the latest poll. It is great news for Paladino, and horrible for Lazio.

Tick Tock…The Primary is only days away

Labor Day is now past us, and that means Politics takes center stage. The unofficial start of the fall campaign. The time, that polls show voters really start paying attention.

Race for Governor

Andrew Cuomo appears unstoppable towards the job once held by his father. You name the Category. Cuomo has much higher popularity, name recognition, and is far ahead in fundraising.

It seems like so long ago when Cuomo posted the video statement online announcing his candidacy, promising to change the notoriously shady culture of Albany.

Let the games begin


It's official.

Political consultant Basil Smikle is off and running against Harlem State Senator Bill Perkins.

You might as well call this the race over choice. That is charter school choice.

Perkins does not support charters, but the problem that could cost Perkins his job is his position does not sit well with many parents in the district.

Smikle came out on the attack Thursday afternoon in Harlem: