Tick Tock…The Primary is only days away

Labor Day is now past us, and that means Politics takes center stage. The unofficial start of the fall campaign. The time, that polls show voters really start paying attention.

Race for Governor

Andrew Cuomo appears unstoppable towards the job once held by his father. You name the Category. Cuomo has much higher popularity, name recognition, and is far ahead in fundraising.

It seems like so long ago when Cuomo posted the video statement online announcing his candidacy, promising to change the notoriously shady culture of Albany.

Remember what he said: Sometimes, the corruption in Albany could even make “Boss Tweed blush,” referring to the most corrupt administration in New York City history from a century ago.

Cuomo after his “shout out” from President Obama himself, has no democratic opponent, and seems to be on cruise control towards the election in November. Cuomo has a good upstate-downstate punch with his selection of Rochester mayor Bob Duffy as his running mate.

Republican Primary for Governor

On the Republican side in the race for Governor, the Daily News summed it up in their early Cuomo endorsement:

“There is no point in taking further stock of the candidates vying for the Republican nomination in next month’s primary. Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino have been that awful.”

There is drama here with the Republican Primary for Governor.

Might flamethrower and political novice Carl Paladino actually upset former Congressman Rick Lazio?

Lazio is holding on to a soft double digit lead in the polls and is trying to run out the clock, but Paladino has the momentum on his side and a large personal bank account to flood the TV airwaves in the final days.

If Paladino pulls off the upset, “look out” for the fall campaign against Andrew Cuomo. These guys will kill each other. One thing to keep in mind, remember NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg used to be described all the time as a political "novice." Well that "novice" Bloomberg has currently tied the historical record for most terms as NYC Mayor. (three terms) Might Paladino have the same magic touch? No against Cuomo, but it could prove interesting.

It’s also a game of expectations now for Lazio. Even if he wins, he can still lose.

If Lazio’s margin of victory against Paladino doesn’t match what political pundits expect him to do, Lazio will go into a contest with Cuomo greatly wounded. With no money, and no momentum.

Democratic Primary for State Attorney General

This is the hot, unpredictable race.

5 Democrats battling for the right to replace Andrew Cuomo, with Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donivan waiting for the winner on the Republican side.

Polls show a two person race between Nassau County District Attnorey Kathleen Rice and State Senator Eric Schneiderman.

Either candidate can win.

Rice is the only woman in the race meaning the other candidates could split the male vote.

Schneiderman has a union/liberal coalition, plus the NY Times endorsement, and the support of the Rev. Al Sharpton. If you don’t believe Sharpton’s National Action Network can deliver, just ask NYC Comptroller John Liu or NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.

What also makes this race so unpredictable is there are no other statewide democratic primaries so voter turnout will be low.

At this late stage, voter turnout is the name of the game, and in that regard you have to give a slight edge to Schneiderman with his coalition.

The other candidates are:

– Assemblyman Richard Brodsky
– Former State Insurance Superintendent Eric Dinallo
– Former Federal Prosecutor and retired naval officer Sean Coffey.

No matter who wins, Democrats be careful!

Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan is a rising star in Republican circles and this may be the race where Republicans win one.

U.S. Senate

Both U.S. Senate seats are up for election, and what ever happened to the long-perceived weak candidacy of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. (appointed by Gov. Paterson)

The White House cleared the field for Gillibrand, and at this point, she appears to be cruising to victory. Instead of Charles Schumer worrying about his re-election, there’s much speculation of if the Democrats hang on to power, (the majority) of Schumer possibly moving up to Senate Majority Leader. Of course, that’s if things don’t work out for the current majority leader Harry Reid.

Some of the other Primary races

Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel will cruise to victory hoping to look stronger going into his ethics violation situation.

Will Harlem State Senator Bill Perkins go down in defeat to Political strategist Basil Smikle? Harlem political leadership has soured on Perkins, and Perkins is strongly against publicly funded charter schools even though he went to an elite private school and attended Brown University.

The statewide primary election is Tuesday, September 14.