Police make arrest in shooting of Brooklyn mom, killed shielding children

A Brooklyn teenager has been arrested as the rooftop sniper responsible for fatally shooting the Brooklyn mother as she saved school kids, scared to death from flying bullets, police said.

Gang member Andrew Lopez, 18, allegedly confessed to the killing after his arrest, reportedly admitting he pulled the trigger last Friday afternoon on a Brooklyn street packed with children.

Strong Words from Sean Penn. Says Tea Party wants to lynch Obama


Actor Sean Penn says the Tea Party wants to “lynch” President Obama, launching the latest celebrity attack on the conservative grassroots movement that has grown into a political force.

During an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan on Friday in which Penn rambled about the need for more infrastructure spending, affordable health care, bolder actions from President Obama and an end to the Afghanistan war – all in the same answer — he segued into what’s wrong with the Tea Party.

Cornell West & Tavis Smiley are at it again. But they don’t talk tough to Bill O’Reilly. Naturally, of course.


With great interest it's noted, Cornell West and Tavis Smiley challenge President Obama at every turn. 

Notice the other night how Bill O'Reilly treated them, even openly talking down to them.  But hey, it doesn't matter to West/Smiley, as long as they are the ones in the media spotlight.

I will say it.  Both of them need to go somewhere and sit down, and pimp other issues, not the President of the United States.

It's amazing the tone West and Smiley use for President Obama, and how they were put in their place by O'Reilly.

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